World Health Day & Spirit Fitness

World Health Day & Spirit Fitness

World health day is celebrated on 7th April. Spirit fitness has always been part of the theme. The first World Assembly decided in 1948 to dedicate 7th April as World Health Day. WHO has used this day to spread awareness about important health issues throughout the years. This day has been officially marked as the 11th World campaign sponsored by WHO. Every year the world health day is followed by a theme.

Themes are related to Spirit Fitness

The theme can be anything related to health issues, and awareness is spread about that health issue. The year 2018 and 2019 followed the same theme ‘Universal Health Coverage: everyone, everywhere. In 2020, WHO followed the theme and showed their support for the nurses and midwives.

Theme for 2021

The theme for this year is ‘building a fairer, healthier world.’ This year we want to highlight health equity throughout the world.


The year 2020 has hit everybody hard. While the upper and middle class have come somewhat unscathed from the ordeal. The poor have suffered the most. Some people were able to select a healthier lifestyle for themselves. Others were not so lucky. The inequity has made many people cross from middle class to poverty.

Covid-19 & American Family Fitness

A lot of people were fired from their jobs without any notice. Covid-19 not only caused problems for American family fitness but also with the American family budget.

Every country has seen the deaths of people that live below the poverty line that was unable to choose healthier options. While their rich counterparts were successful in avoiding the virus. Even clean water and clean air was a luxury that was not equally provided to everyone. The mortality rate in the poor was double the mortality rate in the rich.

Distribution of Vaccines

Though covid-19 did not discriminate between the rich and poor, it did cause more trouble for the poor. If the problem did not distinguish, then the solution should not discriminate as well. Many vaccines have been developed for the Covid-19. The governments should ensure that the distribution should be done with equity.

The virus has made it difficult for people to access essential equipment such as oxygen masks and PPE kits. The shortage has also led to bribes. Rich have money for bribes so that they can have priority over the usage of masks. It should be made available for everyone despite the economic and social differences.

Investment in Primary Health Care

Investment in Primary Health Care

Investment in Primary Health Care

Access to primary health care has become difficult for people who do not have enough money. You can either afford to put food on their tables or health care. One hundred million people are driven to poverty each year because they have to pay for healthcare from their pockets.

The shortfall of Health Worker

There is also a global shortfall of healthcare workers. This shortage is responsible for many deaths. Many people do not have access to a good doctor or even a nurse. The nearest hospital is still out of reach of many people. Governments should overcome this shortage by 2030. American family fitness can also take advantage of the hiring of healthcare workers.


The problem of inequity can be solved with the help of people and governments. Everyone should join hands in eradicating this problem. The clean water problem can be easily solved by installing clean sanitation in the city. We should always think of better ways to make sure that healthcare is provided to everyone.


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