Why You Need To Go To A Prosthodontist?

Why You Need To Go To A Prosthodontist

If you have an advanced tooth or gum problem, you should visit a prosthodontist instead of your dentist. A prosthodontist is highly skilled and can deal with the restoration and replacement of damaged teeth, dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, and jaw disorders. With taking care of your teeth and gums, a prosthodontist helps you make your teeth and gums look completely attractive and natural.

About The Training And The Education Of Prosthodontist:-

After attending four years of dental school and acquiring one of these degrees, Doctor Of Dental Surgery and Doctor Of Dental Medicine, the dentist attends a school for additional three years for a prosthodontist degree.

What Are The Services A Prosthodontist Provide?-

There is a wide range of services that a prosthodontist provides, and some of them are discussed here. In some complex situations and to achieve the best results, a prosthodontist might work with other dentists.

Reconstruction Of Tooth:-

Reconstruction Of Tooth

Suppose your teeth are damaged due to an accident, trauma, decay, or any other reason than a prosthodontist will help you restore the function and the appearance of that teeth. When you go through the root canal and need a crown, it is also done by a prosthodontist. A prosthodontist also does porcelain veneers.

Suppose you are not satisfied with the shape of your teeth. In that case, your teeth have unequal shape, you are not satisfied with your smile, and there is a small gap between your teeth. A prosthodontist can also change it according to your choice by using some bonding agents.


A prosthodontist will go for bridges if you have lost one or more teeth. In the case of bridges, one or more crowns are linked together, and the bridge is placed on the healthy teeth on either side of the missing teeth. It will make it look like that there is no gap on the side of the healthy teeth. You have to take extra care of the cleaning with bridges, so you should go to your prosthodontist regularly.


Implants replace bridges as they are more reliable and convenient. Implants are also preferred as they give a more natural look. In the case of implants, your prosthodontist will create a titanium post for your jawbone. He will also create a false tooth that will look exactly like your former tooth. Other professionals can perform the whole surgical process, but your prosthodontist will be involved in the surgery.


Dentures are needed when a person loses a large portion or all the teeth. In this, the dentures will be clipped to your existing teeth or the implants. Your prosthodontist will tell you the process that is more suitable and natural for you. The fitting of the dentures also matters the most. It might be difficult for some people to wear dentures initially, and most people adjust to them perfectly.

Gum Diseases In Senior Patients:-

As we know that the gum diseases are the main cause of tooth loss. These diseases tend to increase in older patients. The dentist mainly treats gum diseases, but it is best to go to a prosthodontist due to the extra care needed by the senior patients. He will consider all the factors while treating the senior patients.

Missing Teeth And Cleft Palate:-

In some cases, the teeth are not lost; instead, they are not in the place from the beginning. Or cleft palate is another dental disorder that occurs from birth. In such situations, to make your smile, jaws, and teeth look attractive and natural, the prosthodontist will recommend treatments like oral dentition, surgical intervention, and fuse prosthetics.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder:-

TMJ disorder occurs when your jaw joint’s nerves become inflamed. It is a very painful disorder, and you need a prosthodontist to get rid of this pain. In this case, the prosthodontist will recommend you some medications to lessen the pain, bite guards that will help to reduce the pressure on the joints, and recommend a physical therapy regimen.

After Traumatic Injuries And Oral Cancer:-

A traumatic injury or oral cancer can remove a large portion of the jaw, teeth, or hard and soft palate. In this case, to make them smile and the overall appearance of the mouth healthy, your doctor will recommend you to go to a qualified prosthodontist.

Who Needs A Prosthodontist:-

Those who have complex dental or oral problems should go to a prosthodontist, but here is a brief list of people that should go to the prosthodontist:

  • Those who are planning to go for cosmetic dentistry.
  • Those who require dental implantation.
  • Go to a prosthodontist if you need complete or removable partial dentures.
  • A prosthodontist is needed for complex care management that involves several specialists.
  • If you need replacing missing teeth.
  • Geriatric patients who need special care.
  • Those who have sleeping and snoring disorders should also go to a prosthodontist.
  • A prosthodontist is recommended for those children who are born with missing teeth and cleft palate.
  • A prosthodontist is needed if you suffer from traumatic facial injuries that affect the mouth.
  • People who have TMJ should also consult a prosthodontist.
  • Procedures related to oral cancer reconstruction, such as maxilla facial prosthetic procedure, are also done by a prosthodontist.

Why Choose A Prosthodontist:-

A prosthodontist is considered the expert in teeth treatment and meets patients’ level of satisfaction about their smile or teeth. They can perform many types of procedures, which will be discussed above in the blog.

A dentist can perform many of the services that a prosthodontist provides. But now you know what a prosthodontist is and how they are considered experts in the dental field. So you should make the best choice for your oral health.

Whenever you visit a prosthodontist, you have to him about all your dental history. Only after that can he decide what is best and more suitable for you.

In A Nutshell:-

It is better to go to a prosthodontist if you want to make your smile or any oral changes completely natural and attractive. You can search for a certified prosthodontist near you through the American Dental Association.

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