Why Should You Get A Thai Massage?

Why Should You Get A Thai Massage

Thai massage, just like any other massage, is very important. If you have a busy life schedule, you should take some time out of it yourself a well. in that time, you should do things for yourself, and one of those things include getting a massage; these massages will help you get rid of some of the medical problems along with allowing you to relax. Such messages will help your muscles relax a buy, and that is all you need to refresh yourself physically and mentally. You can get different types of massages, and each type has its benefits. Thai massage is one of the types of massage.

Thai massage

As the name indicates, the Thai massage is a massage which was originated in Thailand. But nowadays, this massage therapy technique is used everywhere around the world. A Thai massage is a form of therapeutic massage, and it differs a lot from other types of massage. So you should never compare it with other body massages that you get for relaxation alone. Even though these other massages have their medical benefits but Thai massage is done specifically for therapeutic purposes.

Thai massage is part of Thai medicine; just like any Chinese therapy, Thai massage through certain pathways activates certain muscles and body functions. These energetic pathways also have a name to them, and it is called Sen. Thai massage is also known as Nuad Boran. The Nuad word means healing, and Boran means ancient ways. So, this means it’s an ancient healing process.

What happens in a Thai massage?

Thai massage is done on the mat instead of on a table. This is one of the major differences from other types of massages; in this technique, the massage therapist will manipulate your body in certain positions and movements, which allows the body to stimulate certain organs. This also helps in the increased flexibility of certain muscles in the body.

History of Thai massage

There is no proper recorded history of Thai massage; it is believed that any literature collected about Thai massage was destroyed, so the current history known about Thai massage is passed down orally. However, it is believed that a colleague of buddha known as Shvago komarpaj was the one who started this massage therapy. That means that Thai massage started almost 2500 years ago.

Chicago komarpaj was known as a father doctor throughout south Asia. This is because he, with his influence, was able to spread this knowledge all over South Asia.

Difference between Thai massage and other massages

Following are some of the differences between Thai massage and other massages.

  • The patient lies down on the table in another type of body massages, either done for relaxation or done as therapy. For example, the massage therapist uses his hands and other objects for a massage. On the other hand, in Thai massage, the massage therapist will use his hands alone, and you will have to lie on a mat on the floor.
  • Unlike other types of massages, you can keep your clothes on for a massage. On the other hand, all the other massages involve you removing your clothes. So, this massage is very comfortable because you can have it done with your clothes on.
  • In this massage, like other massages, you don’t have to lie down without moving. The massage therapist in Thai massage will move your limbs a lot too to stretch out your muscles. Not only that the certain muscles in certain parts of your body needs to be massaged as well

These are some of the differences between Thai massage and other types of massage. Knowing these differences, you will know what to expect while going for a Thai massage.

Benefits of Thai massage

There are so many different benefits of Thai massage, and that is why people get it done so much., by learning all these benefits, you would want to get this message as well. Following are some of the benefits of Thai massage that you need to know about to decide on Thai massage.

Headache management

For people who go through severe headaches and migraines, nine sessions in 3 weeks can be very effective. You will see the difference in a short amount of time, but getting all your sessions done, you will feel more relaxed.

Stroke management

For patients who have gone through a stroke, they should get a Thai massage as well. It is said that getting a Thai massage regularly will improve their condition as well. Thai massage will improve muscle movement, improve digestion and sleep cycle in such situations.

Lowers stress

According to some studies done on tin massage, it is said that Thai massage helps improve the stress in patients. This happens better when they are resting a lot with a Thai massage.


If you experience back pain a lot, that could be because of your muscle rigidity, and to treat that, and you will have to relax your muscles a bit. In this case, Thai massage is a better option in which they target certain areas as well.

The risk that comes with it

There are some risks of Thai massage as well, and the following are all the risks that you may have to go through

  • An injury in muscle or bone can because when the Thai massage is not done right.
  • If you have a heart condition, then Thai massage can be risky for you, and that is because it increases the heart rate.

The benefits of this massage outweigh the risks, which is why this massage is great for you. Suppose you are getting Thai massage from licensed practitioners who known everything about Thai massage. In that case, you will eliminate all the risks of Thai massage as well.


This was everything you needed to know about Thai massage. With this knowledge, you can decide where to get a Thai massage and what to expect from it while getting your massage. In addition, by being aware of all the risks, you will avoid the complications that might arise.


Get to know everything about Thai massage and what you should expect from it. Then, if needed, you should find a licensed massage therapist for Thai massage as well.


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