Why Is Double Chin Liposuction Becoming Popular?

Why Is Double Chin Liposuction

Chin liposuction is one of the most common liposuction that is performed in the world. Liposuction is needed when fat gets accumulated in different areas of the body. You can get the excess fat removed from the area where you do not like it. In liposuction, the excess fat is removed by sucking the fat cells from that specific area. Here is this blog with everything that you need to know about chin liposuction mentioned.

Chin Liposuction:-

Any deformations that are related to the face can be covered through makeup. But there is certain deformation that cannot be covered through makeup, and it will make your look unattractive. One of these deformities is the double chin. You cannot cover it with makeup, and you also feel insecure because of it. You should consider getting the chin liposuction done.

There is no specific procedure for double chin; instead, there are different approaches that the plastic surgeon considers. He will suggest neck liposuction, neck lift surgery, or sometimes both. Here are the ways through which a plastic surgeon can correct any deformities in your chin:

Chin Liposuction:-

In this method, excess fat is removed from the skin under the chin.


In this method, chin liposuction is done. After that, several incisions are also done to makes the muscles in the chin tighter.

Neck Lift:-

In this method, excess skin from the chin is removed. Or sometimes, muscle tightening is also done to give a more defined look to the face.

How The Procedure Is Done:-

Chin Liposuction Procedure

Chin Liposuction Procedure:-

Here are some basic steps of chin liposuction:

  • First of all, your plastic surgeon will examine your chin. Then he will mark the areas with a pen to point to the areas where he will insert the cannulas.
  • Then your surgeon will thoroughly clean the area where he is going to perform the procedure. It will help to reduce the infection risks.
  • Then the plastic surgeon is going to sedate you. If it is required, then he can also inject a local anesthetic into the skin.
  • Then he will make an incision at different places in the skin. These incisions will be large enough that the liposuction cannula can be inserted.
  • Then they will insert the liposuction cannula and then remove the excess fat by using the back and forth motion in the cannula. They will pay close attention while removing the fat so that an equal amount of the fat is removed from all places. It is made sure that your face looks even.
  • Now, in the end, your plastic surgeon will bandage the surgical area. There are special straps used to support the skin of the chin. The bandage is removed until it is completely healed.

Submentoplasty And Neck Lift Surgery:-

Here are some steps that are involved in submentoplasty and neck lift surgery:

  • Your doctor will mark the area with the pen and make arrows.
  • Then in this type of plastic surgery, he will inject an anesthetic.
  • Then the doctor will clean the area where the procedure is going to be done with an antiseptic. The doctor will also see that if it is okay to inject the anesthetic directly into your skin or not.
  • The doctor will make the incisions along your hairline or behind your ear. Then the doctor will remove the excess fat from the chin.
  • The doctor will tighten the neck muscles to make sure that the skin of the neck look toned.
  • Now the doctor will close the using the stitches or glue.
  • The good thing about this process is that the incisions are done along the hairline, which is not visible after healing. The incision involved in this procedure is also less, so less skin is damaged.

How Does Double Chin Liposuction Work?-

In double chin liposuction, the plastic surgeon will insert the liposuction cannulas into the skin. Then he will remove the excess fat gently through the suction. An equal amount of fat is removed from all the places to give a smooth look to the chin.

While neck tightening, the plastic surgeon makes incisions behind the ear or under the neck. Then he will remove the excess skin. It will give a more defined and contoured look to your neck.

What To Expect After The Chin Liposuction?-

It is common to feel some discomfort after the liposuction in the chin, and the neck is. You will also notice some swelling in your chin and neck area. Due to swelling, the skin of the chin and the neck will feel tighter.

Your doctor will recommend you apply some antibiotics to the incision area to avoid any infection. If there are facial drains or fluid to reduce the blood, the doctor will remove them after 2 to 3 days.

Your doctor will recommend you to stay at home for some days to make the healing process fast. After chin liposuction, you are recommended to stay at home for at least one week. After the neck tightening surgery, you will be recommended to stay at home for at least two weeks. The healing time varies from person to person.

Who Should Get This Surgery:-

Here is the list of the people for whom this surgery is purposeful:

  • Those who have excess fat in their chin area.
  • Those who have excess wrinkles around their chin area.
  • And those whose jawline is not visible due to excess tissue.

What Is The Cost:-

There is no fixed chin liposuction cost as different people have different requirements. But according to a survey, the cost of neck-related plastic surgery can range between $1200 to $12700. Double chin liposuction cost is less than the neck tightening. The cost depends upon the:

  • How much time the procedure will take.
  • The fees of the staff and the facility.
  • All the medication fees.
  • The fees of the instruments are also included.
  • Fees of the anesthesia.

In A Nutshell:-

As your facial appearance depends upon this surgery, try to get it done by a qualified plastic surgeon. This type of surgery can help you improve your confidence, so you should not hesitate after you have decided as there is no special care required after the surgery and the recovery period is also short.



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