Why Do Doctors Prescribe Ferrex?

Why Do Doctors Prescribe Ferrex

While it is good to trust your doctor with what they are prescribing you, it doesn’t hurt to learn about ferrex. The knowledge of medicine can help you a lot during your course of treatment, and this way, you will be aware of all the side effects. You should learn about medicine, but make sure not to get involved in all the information. It can make you anxious about all the side effects of the medicine, and instead of getting better, you can get worse. So, while taking medicine, you should learn to balance between the information you get from the internet and the trust in your medicine. Even while taking medicines like Ferrex, you should learn its uses and what side effects can occur from it.


Ferrex is a dietary supplement of iron. People who have lower ferritin levels in their blood have been prescribed this medication. The active ingredient in the ferrex is iron. This is given in people who have an iron deficiency which might lead to low blood levels and eventually to anemia. Iron is essential for our body because it is present in the hemoglobin molecule, which carries the oxygen from the lungs to different body parts. Due to low iron levels in the body, the blood level will be below. As a result, there is less oxygenation of muscles and organs in your body. Ferrex is an oral supplement that is used to replenish these levels.

Symptoms of low iron levels

There are some symptoms of low iron levels in your body, recognizing which your doctor can prescribe you Ferrex. To confirm the cause behind these symptoms, your doctor can also ask you to get your serum ferritin levels or blood hemoglobin levels checked. Based on that the iron supplements like ferrex are prescribed. Following are some of the symptoms of low iron levels in your blood.

  • You will feel lethargic all the time, even when you have just woken up after hours of good sleep. You won’t have the energy to do anything, and this is a clear sign of iron deficiency
  • Due to low iron levels, the blood level will drop, and it can make you look very pale.
  • You will also experience shortness of breath which means your body cannot get enough oxygen supply due to a lack of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin cells in your blood.
  • Very noticeable heart palpitations are also very common with low iron levels.
  • To deal with these symptoms, the doctor will prescribe you oral iron supplements like ferrex.

How to use ferrex

If your doctor has prescribed you ferrex tablets after your diagnosis, then there are a few things you should know about their using them.

  • The absorption of iron is more when you take it on an empty stomach. So, it is better to take this medicine two hours before your meal. When you take it with the meal, the absorption will decrease, and you won’t get the full benefit of your medicine. However, if you experience an upset stomach with it, then in that situation, you can take it with meals.
  • Medicines like antacids, dairy products, or caffeine can decrease the effectiveness of this medicine if taken within the 2-hour interval of taking this medicine, so make sure you are not taking it with anything else.
  • Since you can’t take it with anything else, then you should take it with a whole glass of water. Try not to lie down right after taking your medicine. If possible, try not to lie down for at least 10 minutes after taking this medicine.
  • Some of the iron supplements are also available in extended-release tablets. Extended-release tablets are meant to release the active ingredient slowly. So, breaking that tablet or chewing it will release more drugs than it should, and it will ruin the whole purpose of the medication. So, take it the way it has been told on the packaging.
  • When using a liquid suspension that is usually prescribed to kids, make sure to shake the bottle well before use. This will ensure the even distribution and administration of the medication. While giving it to infants, make sure to use a dropper to administer the desired dose to the infant.

Side effects

There are some of the side effects of ferrex that you need to know about. following are some of the side effects that you might experience with the use of ferrex

  • The color of your stools may turn black, which is a common side effect s but is not harmful at all. So, there is nothing to worry about when you see dark stools.
  • Suppose you have had any allergy to this medicine or any other one in the past few years. In that case, you should tell your doctor about it before this medicine has been prescribed to you. You should also tell your doctor all about your medical history beforehand, even though the allergic reactions with ferrex are very uncommon.


There are some of the precautions you need to take while taking ferrex

  • You should tell your pharmacist or doctor if you have vitamin 12 deficiency because folic acid in some of the iron supplement formulations may alter the results of lab tests for vitamin b 12 levels.
  • Liquid preparation may contain sugar or alcohol, so you have to tell your doctor if you have diabetes or liver diseases.


This was all you needed to know about the use of ferrex. This medicine is often prescribed to people who are anemic. Anemia and iron deficiency are quite common in women because of the blood they lose in their menstrual cycle. So as compared to men, women face iron deficiency more often. Therefore, taking these medicines every day is very important for a required period. Even though you maintain your iron levels with oral supplements, you still need to increase dietary ingredients with more iron.


Ferrex is an oral iron supplement given to you when you are iron deficient. You need to take this medication to treat all your symptoms, but you should also know everything about it.


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