What To Feed Crickets?

What To Feed Crickets

People often keep crickets at their home, so it is important to know what do crickets eat for them to survive, the reason why people keep crickets in their home is that they like to keep them as a pet, but mostly it is because they have to feed them to their pet reptiles. If you have never seen crickets or can’t recall what crickets are, then you must know that crickets are small insects that can jump high and have distinct crickets chirping and trilling sounds. Due to these sounds, some people find it very annoying to keep them in their home, but for the sole purpose of feeding their reptiles, they go through this trouble.

Even if you have to keep these crickets for your pet reptiles, you have to make sure to give them a high-quality diet. Giving them a high-quality diet will keep them healthy and help them grow better; this will not only keep your crickets healthy but will ensure the good health of your pet reptile as well.

Diets of crickets

It is very important to know what crickets eat to feed them that particular kind of diet. One main thing you need to know about crickets is that they are omnivores. Being an omnivore means that they can eat plants as well as animals. They can have meat, grains, protein, and produce. When crickets are left in the wild and have to feed on their own, they can survive on larvae, seeds, flowers, fruits, grasses, and aphids as well.

So that means that the diet that your crickets need should have all the nutrients in the term. This is the only way you will be able to feed your reptiles a nutrient-rich diet; when your crickets are fed well and are healthy, your reptile will be fed well as well, and this will keep your reptiles healthy too. So when you are feeding your crickets, you have to make sure to give them some nutrients they can get in the wild.

What to feed crickets?

There are many things that crickets can eat, and you can’t provide them with everything they can find in the wild. This is why you have to find some of the diet alternatives to get all of their nutrients. This feeding crickets with the main purpose of feeding your pet reptile is known as Gut loading. Following are the list of things that cricket eat

  • Fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas.
  • Grains like alfalfa, whole grain, and rice,
  • Packages of pet food can also be given in them, including fish flakes, cat food, dog food.
  • Commercial foods made specifically for the crickets are also available, and you can buy them to save all this trouble for yourself.
  • Vegetables like leafy greens, potatoes, squash, and carrots

When you are feeding these crickets fruits only, you will deprive them of the other nutrients they need. So, you have tin make sure to give them other things as well. You can also sprinkle; some of your reptile nutrient supplements on top of cricket food so the pet reptiles can get all those nutrients.

How to feed your crickets

Knowledge about what crickets eat is not all that you need to learn, but you also should know how you can feed your crickets. Following are some of the things that you need to know about feeding crickets

  • You have to make sure that the food is clean and fresh and same with the water. If these things are unclean, it can affect their growth
  • You didn’t have to measure quantities of food for the crickets because they know how to regulate their diet and will be able to stop when it is not needed.
  • After every two days, you should change food and water as well. You can also check the amount of food and water that can be needed.
  • You can serve dried food and pet food in shallow dishes and lids as well.
  • You can replace whole vegetables and fruit as well.

So, by these methods, you will be able to feed your crickets correctly and will know a lot more about feeding crickets, something you need to learn when you own a pet reptile.

Other things to consider

There are a lot of other things you need to consider while feeding your crickets. Following are some of those things

Preventing mold and humidity is very important. When humidity increases, mold will start to grow, which will ruin their food and affect the overall health of your crickets.

You should know about all types of crickets so that you can feed them accordingly.

You can ensure the safety of crickets by keeping the drinking water in a shallow loid or container. Add pebbles to the bottom of the container, and this will give crickets a firm footing while drinking water. Another best way is to soak cotton balls and place them in their nest so the crickets can stay hydrated.

You should also keep grains separate from the water so that both these things don’t ruin the other. Otherwise, the food can get damp and cause mold to grow on it, which you should completely avoid.

Ensure the temperature of their cage/container is ideal for them and the food you have served out for them. The temperature of 70 to 75 Fahrenheit is what is considered ideal for crickets and their food.

Use the lid on the tank that ensures the air isn’t trapped inside the container. But lids are available that provide proper ventilation of the container.


To keep your pet reptile healthy, you have to keep your crickets healthy, which can be ensured with healthy and clean feeding of your crickets. You must know what cricket usually feeds on and should make an effort to complete all of their dietary requirements.

When you are feeding your crickets right, we will be feeding your pet reptile better, too, because crickets are what type will eat. This was everything you needed to know about feeding crickets which you, later on, need to feed your pet reptile. You should know do grasshoppers bite or other questions like that.

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