What is the Purpose of Aurovela birth control?

What is the Purpose of Aurovela birth

The combination of female hormones Aurovela 1.5/30 avoids getting pregnant in females who use contraceptive pills. Your body needs at least seven days of adjustment to prevent pregnancy from occurring. For the first seven days after your first round of pills, use the second type of birth control. This could include condoms, Spermicidal, Diaphragms. Your doctor can tell you how many pills to use.

Side effects

It is possible to experience nausea, vomiting, or headaches. Vaginal bleeding during periods (spotting) and irregular period may occur, particularly in the first few months. For a pregnancy test, contact your doctor if there are two missed periods or one missed period. Keep in mind that you were prescribed this medication by your doctor. Your doctor believes that side effects are less harmful than the benefits.

Aurovela birth control could cause high blood pressure. You should monitor your blood pressure and notify your doctor if you notice any changes.

Notify your doctor immediately if you have any serious side effects such as lumps in the breast, mood change, severe Dark urine, yellowing eyes/skin, and odd changes in vaginal blood flow. Sometimes, this medication may cause severe complications from blood clots, such as stroke, heart attack, or deep vein thrombosis.

Very rare are severe allergic reactions to this drug. You should get medical attention right away if there are any signs of serious allergic reactions, such as severe dizziness, itching, difficulty breathing, severe rash, and skin irritations.

This medicine is not intended to protect you from HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted illnesses. It is possible to experience light bleeding or spotting at first use of this medicine. Your doctor, however, should be notified if heavy bleeding occurs or bleeding continues for more than seven working days.

You should inform any dentist and doctor you see taking this medicine. You might need to stop taking this medication several days before your surgery or other medical tests. You may experience adverse effects from this medicine. Your doctor will inspect your progress and evaluate the effects of medicine during regular visits. Keep all appointments.

Keep all medicines out of reach from children. Never share your medicine.

Dosage for Aurovela

It provides a patient with a three-week on, one week off tablet schedule. It should be taken as advised at all times.

What drugs, substances, and supplements can interact with Aurovela?

  • Aurovela birth control might interact with theophylline (prednisolone), theophylline (cyclosporine), acetaminophen), temazepam (salicylic acid), morphine, and clofibric acid. Please inform your doctor of all medications and supplements.
  • It can be harmful to a baby’s health and should not be taken during pregnancy. It may be passed into breast milk. It passes into breast milk. It is best to avoid oral contraceptives for nursing mothers.

Renal Insufficiency

The effects of renal disease upon Aurovela disposition have not yet been assessed. Premenopausal ladies with chronic kidney failure receiving multiple doses of Ethinyl estradiol or norethindrone were more likely to have higher plasma concentrations than a premenopausal woman with normal renal function.

Hepatic Insufficiency

The impact of hepatic illness on Aurovela Fe1/20’s disposition is not yet evaluated. However, patients with impaired liver function might not metabolize norethindrone or Ethinyl estradiol.

Aurovela Fe – Warnings

Pregnant women should avoid taking this medicine. It has the potential to damage a child in the womb. Your doctor immediately if this medication is being used. Talk to your doctor if there are any conditions such as kidney disease or asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, and gallbladder problems. Do not smoke, wear contact lenses, or have surgery that will require you to be inactive for a prolonged time.

Indications and Usage

Oral contraceptives work well. Table I presents the usual accidental pregnancy rates in combination oral with contraceptives. The reliability and efficacy of contraceptive methods depend on their use. The failure rates of these contraceptive methods can be lower if they are used correctly and consistently.

What if you miss a dose?

  • Follow all instructions for your medication. The risk of becoming pregnant is increased if you miss a Pill. Missing one active tablet? On the day that you recall, take two pills. Next, take one tablet per day to complete the pack.
  • Do not take more than two active pills in a row during Week 1 or 2 for two consecutive days. You can take one pill for the rest of your pack per day. For at least seven days, use backup contraception.
  • You can skip two active pills per week in Week 3. Start a new pack that same day if your Day 1 starter. Take a pill every other day if Sunday starter. The rest of your pack should be thrown out, and a new one started on Sunday.
  • Throw out any pack that contains three or more active pills during Week 1, 2, 3. If you are a Day 1 starter, you will need to get a new pack. If you are a Sunday starter, continue to take a pill every other day until Sunday. The rest of your pack should be thrown out, and a new pack created that day.
  • You might not be able to have periods if you miss more than two active pills. If your period is not occurring for two consecutive months, you should call your doctor.
  • Keep taking one reminder tablet per day until you run out.


Seek emergency medical help or dial 1-800-222-1222 to reach the poison helpline. Overdosing might result in nausea and vaginal bleeding. This is not an exhaustive list, and other side effects could occur. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about side effects.

Is it true that aurovela causes weight gain?

It’s doubtful that aurovela birth control will cause you to gain weight. Although it may promote fluid retention, this does not imply accumulating body fat. If you’re worried about gaining weight, make sure you stay active and eat nutritious foods.

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