What Is Cyanophobia, And How Is It Treated?

What Is Cyanophobia, And How Is It Treated

Cyanophobia is a condition that may seem strange to most people unless they or someone they know has gone through it. Cyanophobia is a fear of the color blue. This may not seem that serious to most people, but it’s, in fact, a type of phobia and can affect a person’s life in a very significant way. A person with a certain phobia cannot do tasks associated with something they are afraid of. When you dive into the world of phobia, you can understand the phobia to anything that can exist. If a person tells you they have a particular phobia, you should trust them so thereon feel that fear is irrational; when society doesn’t accept such people, it can cause them other mental problems because they cannot share their fear.


As you already know that Cyanophobia is a fear of anything blue in color. Now there can be many things that this person might be afraid of. Such gear is also triggered by an object which is of color that is similar to blue. The only available reason behind this type of fear is that blue is often associated with sadness. So a person that sees blue color can get sad by that color ad even that is counted as a phobia. A person who has Cyanophobia knows how irrational their fear is. It is not something they can help themselves with. As you know, many things in our everyday life are blue, including the sky, so such people are often ins a very anxious state because of this color.

Symptoms of Cyanophobia

Cyanophobia or any other type of phobia can cause anxiety in the person when they contact or near the object they fear. When it comes to Cyanophobia, there will be many things a person might be afraid of. Since everywhere you go you get to see blue color, so it becomes difficult for the person to go outside and form healthy relationships with other people.

Such a person will always be going through anxiety. Symptoms may vary a lot from person to person. Someone with another mental illness can show a different response to the object of color they are phobic too. This can trigger their other mental illnesses as well.

Since symptoms vary from person to person, so in some cases, the person may only go through the feeling of anxiety and dread. On the other hand, in some situations, the person’s response is so overwhelmed that it can reach the point of panic attacks. This is a complicated situation for such people, as it affects their everyday life.  Following are some of the symptoms that people might experience with Cyanophobia

  • Such people can buy anything in blue color.
  • They go out of the way to avoid objects that are blue in color.
  • Anxiety when they are facing or seeing anything in blue color. This can be triggered by the daytime sky as well since it is blue in color.
  • They are feeling of dread when they think of the color blue.
  • Such people like to avoid the sky so prefer nighttime to go out.

Causes of Cyanophobia

Cyanophobia can have different causes behind it. Cyanophobia can be associated with a history of mental illnesses in the family. A person who has a genetic history of mental illness may develop this kind of fear in them. They can be very a lot of things, and blue color can be one of them.

More important than that, Cyanophobia can also be because of the genetic, mental illness factor, including any traumatic experience that a person faced, which involved blue. Such an event, along with the family genetic history of mental illness, can become the cause behind the development of Cyanophobia.

Environmental factors, including stress and trauma, can be associated with causing this phobia in people. At the start, a person doesn’t acknowledge it because it is an irrational fear. But it can slowly start to develop into advanced stages when not treated at an early stage.

Treatment of Cyanophobia

Lie any other mental or body illness the Cyanophobia is an illness as well. Following are some of the treatment approaches that are used in the treatment of Cyanophobia.

  • CBT which is also known as cognitive behavioral therapy, is a treatment method. In this method, the person is urged to talk about this fear of theirs. Such therapy can significantly help you when given anti-anxiety medicines.
  • Exposure therapy is the most used method in all kinds of phobias In people. Exposure therapy involves the person being exposed to the object or thing they are afraid of. It is done at a small level, and then as a person starts to heal or get used to it. Then, it can be done correctly, and it becomes possible for people to face those things in their everyday life.
  • Anti-anxiety medicine can be given alone or with another type of treatment approach as well. This medicine will control the symptoms of anxiety in that person, and the person, as time progresses, will be able to overcome their fear or at least would be free of anxiety while facing the color blue.
  • Yoga is also a good approach in the treatment of Cyanophobia. Since yoga exercises help relieve some of the stress and help with anxiety so you can try out different yoga poses to treat your anxiety associated with the color blue. Hath yoga n hot yoga can help in the treatment of Cyanophobia.
  • Apart from all of that, medications like anti-depressants are also given. In addition, some other techniques like medication and limiting caffeine intake can help with Cyanophobia a lot. Dialectical behavior therapy is another or one of the treatment approaches used to treat Cyanophobia.

While dealing with a patient with Cyanophobia, you should never let them feel that their fear is irrational. You should always handle such a person with great care and make them realize that they can get medical help for their phobia. This is everything you need to know about the causes behind it and the treatment used for Cyanophobia. You can learn to play your part in helping a person with Cyanophobia. It should be treated as a mental illness and treated on time before it becomes a real problem. It can cause people many problems in performing their every day to day functions.

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