Uses Of Protostat Tablet

Uses Of Protostat Tablet

Finding out about all the uses of medicine, like with protostat, is significant. This will help you understand your course of treatment and help you with the other reasons that this medicine can be used. There are some side effects of the medication, but not every side effect needs to happen. But still, it is essential to know these side effects so you can know whether to continue taking these medications or stop them.

Medicines can also interact with other medications you might already be taking. To avoid such an interaction, you can avoid taking these two together. So you need to know which medicines to avoid while taking protostat. If nothing else, you will learn how that medicine works within your body and creates the effect that it does.


Protostat is a medicine that is available only on prescription. The active ingredient in this medicine is metronidazole. Metronidazole is actual an antibiotic, and it is taken in the infections. It is majorly used to treat stomach and intestinal infections. The metronidazole is an antibacterial and antiparasitic as well. It will kill the bacteria and parasite in your gut that is causing the stomach infection. This medicine, unfortunately, doesn’t work in viral infections.

Using it in such an infection will be ultimately futile.  You should also avoid using the drug. There is no confirm infection in your stomach or intestine because taking medicine this way will cause the bacteria and parasite to become resistant to this medicine. The use of protostat extends to the treatment of stomach and intestinal ulcers caused by Pylori as well.

How to use protostat tablets

Understanding how to use medicine is as important as knowing what it is used for. For example, suppose you are not taking your treatment in the recommended way. The effect of this medicine will not be the same, and you might not get the desired effect of the treatment. Following are some of the things you need to keep in mind while taking this medicine.

  • Since it is available in tablet form, you have to take it by mouth.
  • You also have to take it with a glass of milk or meal or in between or right after your meal. This method can prevent some of the side effects like an upset stomach with protostat
  • The dosage of this medicine can vary, and that depends on a lot of different factors. Age, body weight, and medicinal condition you take this medicine to play a considerable role in determining the dose. This dose is either calculated by your doctor or your pharmacist.
  • When you are taking antibiotics, you have to take them at evenly spaced times. This way will ensure that some amount of antibacterial medication is present in the system all the time. This way, the effect against bacteria will remain continuous. So please set the alarm on your dose so that you are taking it on time.
  • When taking antibacterial or antiparasitic medicine, the symptoms can clear out very soon as it wakens the bacteria or parasite. To completely kill the microbe, you have to take medicine for the prescribed period. Not taking medication for the prescribed period will lead to the recurrence of infection and eventually resistance to this antibiotic. You should take medicine all the time specified to you, even if the symptoms clear out.
  • Suppose the symptoms are not going away at all, even after few days, you need to tell your doctor about it because there can be something that is interfering with the medicine and that needs to identify, some people don’t respond to the medicines, and they should be given better alternatives for it. So if you are not getting any better from this medicine, you should contact your doctor again.

Side effects of protostat

There are some o the side effects of the protostat and that you need to know about. Following are some of these side effects that you might experience.

  • The common side effects of using protostat tablets are dizziness, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, and a headache.
  • A metallic taste in your mouth can also occur, which becomes the reason behind vomiting.
  • You might see that your urine is darker than usual, and this effect is entirely harmless. Yu ill stop experiencing this once you stop your medication. But if you are also experiencing pain while urinating, then you should tell this your doctor.
  • Suppose you are experiencing some severe side effects like dizziness, seizures, mood changes, vision changes, and loss of vision. You must get immediate medical attention and should stop taking medicine.
  • Some other side effects will need medical attention, including bleeding, bruising, pain in the stomach.


Taking some of the precautions, you can avoid some of the side effects that are caused by the protostat tablets

  • Suppose you have had previous allergies to this medication; you should tell your doctor about it to prescribe an alternative instead.
  • If you have any allergies with it or have had allergies with the same class of drug, then, in that case, you should inform your doctor as well.
  • Tell your doctor about all the medications you are taking and any medical condition you have because, in those cases, the medicine may not have the desired effect on the individual.
  • Cockayne syndrome is a very rare condition, but if you have it, then the metronidazole can end up causing liver failure or, at last, some liver conditions. So inform your doctor if you have this condition.


This article was everything you need to know about protostat medicine and how it can be used. There are some drugs and conditions in which metronidazole can’t be taken, and that is when your doctor should prescribe you an alternative. If you have any serious side effects even after taking all the precautions, you should give up on this medication.

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