Tea Tree Oil And Its Benefits

Tea tree oil and its benefits

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is extracted from a plant tea tree. The part of the plant from which this oil is extracted is the leaves. The scientific name of the plant is Melaleuca alternifolia. This plant is most frequently found in Queensland, Australia, and new south Wales. Often this plant is confused a lot with the tea plant, eaves of which are used to make black or green tea. Tea tree oil is widely popular because of its amazing benefits. following are some of those benefits


Since the tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties, it can be used to treat bacterial acne and other bacterial infections as well. The way tea tree oil acts are by acting on the bacterial cell wall. By breaking the bacterial cell wall, it causes the death of bacteria. The exact mechanism of breaking that cell wall is still unknown and may be discovered soon. Tea tree oil has been in use for many years now in Australia to treat acne and is now being used worldwide for this purpose.


Tea tree oil, along with being anti-bacterial, acts as an antiviral too. The type of fungus that this oil target is the one that affects your skin, genitals, mouth, and throat as well. It is also observed that the tea tree oil enhances fluconazole activity, which is an antifungal drug. This will work out well for the type of fungus that is resistant to fluconazole, and you will be able to fight off that fungal infection as well. The use of tea tree oil in fungal acne is beneficial as well.


To some extent, the tea tree oil also has its benefits as an antiviral agent; there is no proper research behind this benefit of tea tree oil, and more need to find out about if it is active against viruses.,


The tea tree oil has a compound that helps with decreasing inflammation. So, tea tree oil is beneficial in decreasing inflammation. In some animal tests, it was found that the tea tree oil decreases the inflammation in the mouth. In some people, swelling in the skin is observed as a result of histamine, which can be based on an allergic reaction. So, you can treat that allergic reaction by using tea tree oil on top of it. The component that is used the most to treat Suh inflammation is paraffin oil. Still, tea tree oil helps with that inflammation even better than paraffin.

Contact dermatitis

Since tea tree oil helps with inflammation and allergies, it also helps with contact dermatitis. Any eczema that an allergen or irritant has caused can be easily treated using this. When given with some topical steroids, this tea tree oil will help with contact dermatitis a lot. In a study where tea tree oil and two other components like zing oxide and clobetasone butyrate were compared with each other and among this tree, tea tree oil was found more effective in treating contact dermatitis. It has more effect on allergic contact dermatitis as compared to irritant contact dermatitis.

Head lice

Young people usually face head lice, and getting rid of those lice is very important. For that reason, tea tree oil provides good and instant relief from it. Neradiolol is another ingredient obtained from the plants, and this is used to treat head lice by killing the eggs. In contrast, tea tree oil targets the head lice. If you leave tea tree oil on your head for about 30 minutes, you can get rid of 100 percent of lice in your head. Using both of these ingredients together will allow you to get rid of both lice and eggs as well.

Oral health

If you suffer from gingivitis, you will find that tea tree oil is very beneficial to reduce the inflammation and bleeding from your gums. In comparison to the chlorhexidine gel, the tea tree oil was found more effective in fighting gingivitis. Along with treating this problem, the tea tree oil will also help in dealing with bad breath, which happens because of bacteria in your mouth; tea tree oil is an antibacterial fight that smells causing bacteria and helps you get rid of bad breath.


Dandruff that is caused by yeast pityrosporum can be treated by 5 percent tea tree oil. It is also said that people who use shampoo with 5 percent of tea tree oil don’t get oily and greasy scalp a lot. Still, for that to happen, they have to shampoo their hair 3 to 4 times a week; such shampoos are very effective for children if they have cradle caps. Since some people may be allergic to tea tree oil, you should always do a patch test of the product and do it on your arm.

Nail fungus

Nail fungus is difficult to get rid of, and you will find that tea tree oil use will help you get 80 percent recovery from that. You also have to use the tea tree oil for about 16 weeks to get that kind of recovery; any medication for nail fungus takes a lot of time. Most of the time, you have to keep using it till the affected part grows out, and you can get rid of it from time to time. The use of medication will ensure the new nail coming from the nail bed won’t be affected by fungus.

These are all the important benefits of tea tree oil, and there are some other benefits of tea tree oil, too, and those include athlete’s foot and acne. All these benefits make it very important for you to keep the tree oil at home if you need it.


Tea tree oil is an essential oil with many antimicrobial properties. It has other benefits like treating skin allergies and dandruff. All these benefits show how important to add tea tree oil to your skincare routine. If you want to have clear-looking skin, you should apply tea tree oil on your face and make it a part of your skincare routine.

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