Reasons Why Does Stretching Feel Good

Reasons Why Does Stretching Feel

There are countless reasons that why does stretching feel good. Most people do an involuntary stretch even before getting out of bed. Stretching gives a sense of relief to the people. You already have noticed that all the athletes or players do stretching before the game or competition. It is because our body’s natural reward system makes us feel good after a good stretch. Many other reasons show that you should stretch your body at least once in the whole day. You can do stretching in the morning, before sleeping, or after training.

Enhances The Blood Circulation

Our circulatory system plays a very crucial role in providing energy to our bodies. It provides nutrients and oxygen to all the muscles and cells of our body. Suppose the circulatory system of our body is not working properly, then after some time. In that case, we will start to feel weak and fatigued. Proper stretching makes sure that your blood circulatory system is functioning properly.

When you do the stretching, the blood flow is completely normal, and all your muscles and cells get proper nutrition and oxygen. When you do stretching, the risk of nerve compression is also decreased. Proper blood flow also improves the health of the blood vessels.


The reason why does stretching feel good is the release of endorphins. When a person’s body is engaged in any exercise or stretching, a chemical known as endorphin is released in the body. Endorphins act as a neurotransmitter and interact with the brain. Endorphins cause a person to feel happy and calm.

That is the main reason people feel relaxed, calm, and happy after doing exercise or stretching. When people do stretching in the morning, it gives them the motivation to start their day. Stretching also helps people to think that their day will be good.

Help Relaxing The Muscles

People who have a sitting job usually have a bad posture. It means that when these people sit for too long, their posture starts to get bad to adjust themselves and feel comfortable. Mostly these people complain that they have tight muscles and joints. People who have a long sitting job are recommended to do proper stretching daily. Proper stretching helps the muscles to come into their natural state and get comfortable.

All the trainers ask the trainee to do stretching before any vigorous physical activity. When you do stretching before an exercise, it will improve the blood circulation in your muscles. Which means your muscles are ready for heavy physical activity? It will prevent you from any muscle soreness after the exercise.

Stretching also helps the muscles to get loose before the exercise. This way, it becomes easy to complete the whole workout program. Doing stretching after the exercise also helps muscles to contract slowly when your body is cooling down.


Another reason why does stretching feels good is flexibility. Doctors recommend that old people do stretching daily. As with age, people start to lose their flexibility. In some severe cases, old people are not able to do normal functioning. That is why doing stretching in old age will help you retain the flexibility of the body.

Help With Stress

Most people do not know that stretching also helps people to deal with stress. While stretching, a person’s whole body and mind is completely engaged. It helps him to get his mind off from stress-causing factors and focus on relaxation.

One of the main side effects of stress is that the neck and shoulder muscles become stiff. This way, the stressed person faces mental and physical discomfort at the same. As already mentioned improves blood circulation, which helps in getting relief from muscle stiffness.

Good For Mental Health

Those who deal with mental stress in their daily life should do stretching. According to a study, people dealing with mental stress enjoy doing stretching as it helps them. In stretching, different breathing techniques are used.

These breathing techniques help the person to get relaxed. People who deal with panic attacks should also do stretching. The breathing methods also help them to stay relax.

Blood Pressure

Maintaining the blood pressure is another reason why does stretching feels good. Stretching maintains proper blood circulation in the body. This proper blood flow maintains normal blood pressure.

It prevents the blood vessels from constricting, which helps in lowering the blood pressure. When the blood pressure of a person is high, he feels uncomfortable and restless. Stretching by lowering the blood pressure helps the person to get calm.

Research shows that stretching activates the parasympathetic system of our body. The parasympathetic system allows the person to get relaxed by lowering the blood pressure and inducing digestion.

Back Pain

Back pain is mainly caused by bad posture. If you do stretching, then your back pain will start to get better with time. Because of stretching, your muscles will come to their original state, which will help in getting relief.

Better Sleep

Better sleep is another reason why does stretching feels good. People who face difficulty in sleeping also love doing stretching. According to a study stretching before bedtime helps a person get a night of better and deep sleep.

It helps a person to relax. Poor sleep is another cause of stress and fatigue in many people. When people do not get proper sleep, they develop different health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. So stretching also helps a person to avoid different health problems.

Mistakes To Avoid

Here are some mistakes you should avoid while doing stretching.

  • You should do stretching as long as your body feels relaxed. If you feel pain while stretching, you should stop doing it as you are going too far.
  • Remember to stretch both sides of your body. Otherwise, you have to face stretching imbalance.
  • Always do a warmup before doing stretching. Simple do a walk for five minutes, and you are good to go.


There is nothing better than adding stretching to your daily routine. If you have a previous injury, then you must consult your doctor first before doing stretching.

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