Is It Okay To Believe In All Coronavirus News?

Is It Okay To Believe In All Coronavirus News

As this new virus was introduced in 2019, many fake coronavirus news started to pile up. It was the main reason many people got panicked. On the other hand, the same fake news told people that this virus is not real or a plot. Despite our huge success in science and health, we could not control this virus because of false rumours, which caused damage to the whole world. Here in this blog, we will study how to avoid fake news and the harms it can cause and who are spreading them.

Some Fake News That Were Believed By Many People:-

Here are some of the fake news that was believed by a majority of people:

  1. It was spread that the vitamins and the mineral nutrients will help us cure the coronavirus, but there is no real evidence that it is true.
  2. In the start, there was fake news that claimed that Hydroxychloroquine could help to treat coronavirus. But later on, it was told that it is only effective for treating malaria patients, and no covid patient showed any significant recovery after using it. It was also told that unsupervised use of Hydroxychloroquine could lead to serious side effects.
  3. It was also claimed that some bacteria, not a virus, caused the covid-19. This news was that many covid patients were given antibiotics due to some bacterial infection and other medication.
  4. It was also believed that wearing medical masks for a long time can cause co2 intoxication and oxygen deficiency. Still, later on, this news was proved wrong. It was recommended to wear the mask properly, and there will be no such issue.
  5. Some people also started to spread rumours like drinking alcohol can protect people against coronavirus. This news leads to many health problems among people who started to drink a lot of alcohol.
  6. Adding hot peppers in you can protect you against the coronavirus. Later this news was proved fake.
  7. Some started to believe that houseflies can also play a role in spreading the coronavirus. Still, there is real evidence to prove it.
  8. There was news claiming that ingesting or spraying bleach or other disinfectants can protect against the coronavirus. But this rumour was dangerous because it leads to many serious health problems and skin problems.
  9. Some people believed that 5G networks are the reason behind the spread of this virus, but later it was proved that this news is completely false. As some countries are fighting with this virus; and they do not have 5G service.
  10. When this pandemic started, many people believed that this would not survive in the hot weather. Still, it proved wrong as there are many countries with hot, yet they are dealing with the virus.
  11. In the starting, it was also told that this virus is created in a lab.


How To Avoid The False News:-

According to the latest coronavirus news, false news leads to a lot of harm. We have seen it in the case of coronavirus. Here are the ways we can avoid the false news:

Ask For Your Opinion On The News:-

Whenever you come across a new kind of information, then forwarding it to your family, relatives, and friends without thinking is the worst kind of favour you are doing to them. The first thing you have to check if this is right or not, or even this information, makes sense or not, then conveys it to others.

Always Check The Source Of The Information:-

You must check the credibility of the source of information before forwarding it to others. Sometimes the false news is covered with a lit bit of truth. So you should check for all the information before contributing to the spread of the false news. We all know some credible sources of information on public health such as WHO, centres for disease controls and prevention, and NHS. It is better to only believe in these sources as this virus is new.

Counter Check The Information:-

In this era of technology, there are many ways to prove that false news is from a credible source. People can impersonate the official accounts, make changes in the notification and pictures, and believe that this information is from some credible source. The best way is to counter-check the information by going on the official websites. If you do not find such information, then it is 100 per cent fake information.

If You Are Not Sure Then It Is Better To Keep It To Yourself:-

Suppose you find a piece of information and you cannot confirm its credibility, or you have some doubts about its information. In that case, it is better to keep it to yourself. If you forward it without thinking, then you are causing more damage than good.

Stay Away From The Emotional Posts:-

It is very difficult to unsee or ignore an emotional post. Still, sometimes it is better not to take action hastily. According to a study, the posts that create fear among people tend to go viral than others.

Check If You Are Biased Or Not:-

To break the chain of spreading fake news, it is good to see every aspect. If you think that some news is correct, then check it because it is compatible with your beliefs. It is not that the news is always wrong. Still, it is better to check the credibility of the news, whether it is according to your existing beliefs or not.

Who Spread The False News:-

Here are the people who play a significant role in spreading the fake news:

  • scammers can pretend that the specific information is from an official source for any worldly gains.
  • Conspiracy theories are the main cause behind fake news.
  • An insider can also lead to the spread of false news as people are likely to believe in them.


Through this article, we learned how we can break the chain of spreading false rumours and how false rumours can look so real, and how they can cause serious health problems. Instead of panicking, it is better to check the credibility.




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