How To Get Emergency Toothache Relief At Home?

How To Get Emergency Toothache Relief At Home

Everyone should know about emergency toothache relief. It is not always possible to go to the dentist when you feel discomfort. Toothache is challenging, and it becomes impossible for the person to get through the day or night. These remedies will help you get relief from the pain, but it is better to go to the doctor when possible. All these remedies are temporary and harmless. Here are some easy and effective home remedies that will help you to get rid of the pain.

Mild Pain Relievers Are The Best Option:-

Mild pain relievers are best for reducing pain and inflammation caused by the infection in the tooth. These mild pain relievers include ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen. You should only take the prescribed dose. If these pain relievers do not work, then you should go to your dentist.

Oil Of The Cloves Is Also Effective:-

Baking Soda Is Also Effective
Baking Soda Is Also Effective

Oil of cloves is considered to be very effective because of its antibacterial properties. This oil numbs the area slightly, which helps to reduce the pain. You can easily find the oil of clove from pharmacies, but you should only apply 1 to 2 drops of it. If the clove oil is not available, you can make a paste by grinding the cloves, olive oil, and water.

If you cannot make a paste, you can put a clove between the effective teeth and chew it for almost 30 minutes.

Toothache Gels And Drops Are Also A Good Choice:-

You can also use toothache gels and drops to get rid of the pain temporarily. If you do not have any of these, you can easily find one from the nearby pharmacy and the grocery store. But this remedy will reduce the pain for some time.

Use Some Ice:-

Using ice is the best option when the gums are swollen or there is some injury. It will also help to reduce inflammation. Fill the ice in a bag and then place that bag against your face at the side where there is a pain for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This method is effective.

Use Salt And Warm Water:-

This remedy is proved to be very effective as saltwater kills the bacteria and also reduces the swelling. This method has been used for decades to get rid of toothache. Add some salt in lukewarm water, and then rinse your mouth with it. Let the water stay in the mouth for 1 to 2 minutes.

Use Garlic:-

Garlic has allicin which is best known for its antibacterial properties. Garlic might cause some burning sensation or smelly breath, but it is very effective. You can use it by crushing the garlic and then mix it with sone and then apply it to the affected area.

Baking Soda Is Also Effective:-

Baking soda is also effective. It neutralizes the acidic environment, and the bacteria cannot survive in a neutral environment. You can apply it by making a thick paste by mixing baking soda and water.

Peppermint Tea:-

Peppermint has an antibacterial component known as menthol. You can make the peppermint tea by boiling peppermint leaves in water for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinsing the mouth with it. You can also put the peppermint tea bag against the infected tooth. Peppermint oil is also effective, so you can also apply 2 to 3 drops of them on the infected tooth.

Cause Behind The Toothache:-

here are some of the reasons that can cause toothache:


It is the infection of the nerve of the tooth. It is caused by trauma or decay. When a tooth is abscessed, then there are only two options either you can go for root canal therapy or extraction. You can avoid it, preventing any face injury or the detection of abscesses at the early stage.

Tooth Decay:-

The tooth enamel protects the outer part of the tooth. If the tooths are not kept cleans, then the bacterial build-up and the plaque can damage the enamel. It can lead to cavities. The doctor can fill the small cavities, but if the cavities are too deep, you have to go for tooth extraction. The initial sign of tooth decay is sensitivity.

Gum Disease:-

Gum disease can also lead to toothache. It occurs when the bacteria and the plaque remains under the gums for a much longer time. The initial sign of gum disease is bleeding gums when brushing. You can treat it at the initial stage by flossing and home remedies. But if this condition is not treated, it can worsen to the extent that it can damage the bone that is holding the teeth.


Accidents and injuries can lead to cracked or broken teeth. After the injury, if your tooth or jaw is painful, then it better to go to the dentist to get rid of the pain.

Some Other Tips To Follow When You Have A toothache:-

Here are some tips that you should also follow for emergency toothache pain relief:

  • You should keep your head elevated even while sleeping.
  • You should continue to brush your teeth.
  • Avoid eating hard food with the tooth for some time.
  • Do not use your tooth to open things.
  • Do not smoke when your tooth is aching.
  • Never use a sharp and pointed instrument in your mouth to remove food particles from the mouth.

How To Avoid A Toothache:-

This is the routine that you should follow to avoid any toothache:

  • Brush your teeth two times a day for at least 2 minutes.
  • Floss your teeth regularly and properly.
  • Go to your dentist regularly.
  • Avoid foods that are harmful to teeth.

In A Nutshell:-

It not always okay to treat a toothache at home as there might be some serious problem. If the pain does not go away after doing the home remedies for two days, it is important to see your doctor. You can avoid all this pain by taking proper care of your teeth which is not difficult.






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