How Can You End Up Getting Bad Microblading Eyebrows?

How Can You End Up Getting Bad Microblading Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a very important part of a person‘s face. Having perfect eyebrows is very important unless band micro-blading eyebrows ruin it. People with lighter eyebrows go for the other options like micro-blading and filling in the eyebrows with makeup. All these things can be done in making your eyebrows look fuller.

People are also moving towards the products and serums that will help your eyebrows grow fuller. Full eyebrows have been in fashion for quite a few years now. However, people prefer having thicker and full eyebrows for oats few years. Microblading can be very good when done right, but sometimes you can end up with bad micro-blading eyebrows.

What is micro-blading

Microblading is a type of tattoo, but it doesn’t last that long compared to a tattoo. Tattoos can fade too, but micro-blading will stay put for only a year, and after a year, you have to repeat the process. Microblading is a procedure in which small cuts are made on your skin and then filled with color. Microblading for eyebrows means that micro-blading artists will draw hair on your eyebrows to make them look fuller. With this temporary tattoo, you will have full-looking eyebrows for a longer period.

Risks that come with micro-blading

Bad micro-blading eyebrows are one of the greater risks of micro-blading. However, the following are some of the other risks that come with it as well.


There can be a risk of infection in that area when the micro-blading instruments are not clean. The equipment to be used ton you should be sterilized and cleaned properly to eradicate the risk of infection; the infection caused by such a procedure can be very as well. In addition, sometimes, the link used for micro-blading doesn’t go well with the skin and will cause fiction and inflammation at that site. So, make sure that when you are buying ink, it should be hypoallergenic as well.

To manage that risk, you have to go to a doctor. In addition, you might have to take antibacterial, antifungals, or antivirals.


Granulomas might start appearing after getting your micro-blading. Microblading contains ink which is a foreign object for your body, so as a response to this foreign object, the body’s immune system will activate, which can cause the formation of inflammatory knots around that area. Sometimes these granulomas can appear right away. On other occasions, it may take a year or more for them to appear.

Seeing a doctor is the only solution to these bad micro-blading eyebrows. The doctor will prescribe you some antibiotics or steroids for these granulomas to get better.


Scandiosis is the condition in which not only one but multiple granulomas can appear. They can appear on your organs as well. The treatment option for these is the same as well. You can see a doctor for it, and after complete diagnosis, you will get prescribed antibiotics and steroids.

Problem with MRI

You can experience problems with MRI as well when you have gotten micro-blading eyebrows. In this case, it doesn’t matter if it is bad micro-blading eyebrows or a good one; this complication can happen to anyone. You can experience a burn after getting an MRI in that particular sure where micro-blading was done.

This problem can only be avoided when you tell the person performing MRI above that this risk can be avoided. Otherwise, you have to go through this pain and inflammation once again, which might also ruin your micro-blading.

Allergic reaction

You never know what thing you might be allergic to. Allergies to dye are very common, and such things can happen in this case as well. When you have gotten the micro-blading, you can end up having an allergic response by your body’s immune system. This way, a rash can develop in that area.

The only solution to such a situation is to get antihistamines and asteroids, topical or oral, to decrease the inflammation ad rashes at the site. You will see a great difference in micro-blading before and other.


Keloids are ski outgrowth that appears from a scar. The scars of your face can often be term into a keloid, but if you have had keloids in the past, you can have them now too. Keloids are not painful but still having such scars on your face is something no one wants, so if you have had keloids before, you should avoid getting micro-blading.

Not FDA approved

Another major risk factor about this thing is that micro-blading is not FDA-approved. So that means there are some risks in it and the chances of you having bad eyebrows are very high.

To be completely sure about a procedure, make sure that it is FDA approved. Seeing micro-blading eyebrows before and after, you will realize that.

How to avoid all these risks

You need to avoid all these risks; otherwise, it can turn out to be a regret. So to avoid these risks, it is better not to go towards the option of permanent makeup, which is what micro-blading of your eyebrows is. You can wear makeup every day, but by the end of the day, you have tin remove it, whereas it will be impossible with the micro-blading process.

Another way you can assure that there is no risk after a procedure is by making sure that it is an FDA-approved procedure. FDA approves the procedure, which has more benefits than side effects. With micro-blading gone wrong, it is very obvious why FDA does not approve it.

Another better way is that you have to look for a licensed tattoo artist or micro-blading artist. Otherwise, you can end up with some bad micro-blading eyebrows. The licensed artist will be qualified to inform you of all the risks and let you know how to take care of them afterward.

You should also think above Meta

Not getting your eyebrows micro-blading is better than having bad micro-blading eyebrows. So, to ensure that you should get it done risk-free, by getting an artist who has a license for micro-blading removal.


This is all you need to know about the possible risks of micro-blading eyebrows and what you can do to avoid getting bad micro-blading eyebrows. These risks are easy to eliminate, and that is what you should focus on. Unfortunately, such things also happen with eyeliner. Treating tattoo eyeliner gone wrong the same way is your only choice.


Not getting your eyebrows micro-blading is better than having bad micro-blading eyebrows. So, to make sure that your micro-blading experience is risk-free, get an artist who has a license.

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