Garlique Tablets And Their Medicinal Use

Garlique Tablets And Their Medicinal Use

Garlique tablets are made out of Garlic which is known for its beneficial properties in controlling high blood pressure and other vascular diseases. Due to the properties of garlic, people use it as a nutritional supplement. But when it comes to adding garlic to your food, there is some extent to which you can add garlic to your meals.

Also, due to the strong odor of Garlic that comes out of you after eating a lot of garlic, people avoid using it. So, the best alternative to Garlic is the Garlique tablets that are the supplemental form of Garlic. This tablet will have all the good components with great medicinal importance of the Garlic. The thing about garlique is that it is still not FDA approved as most herbal medicines aren’t out of the concert of harmful impurities.

Uses of Garlique

Garlique tablets have all of the medicinal benefits of Garlic. The most commonly discussed medicinal benefits that can be resulted from the use of this dietary supplement are as follows

  • This medicine is known to regulate blood pressure for those who have hypertension (high blood pressure). While using this dietary supplement, people also continue using their everyday prescriptive hypertension medicines.
  • Instead of depending completely on the medicines and supplements, some dietary amends should be made, and physical activity should be improved.
  • Another major benefit that people can get out of this is its use in the blood vessel disease known as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a disease in which fat cells buildup within the vessels, causing the blockage. Now Garlique tablets help decrease the cholesterol level causing the fat buildup to decrease and help with atherosclerosis.
  • Garlic tablets manage overall cardiovascular health. Another thing that Garlic helps with is the immune system. An improvement in immune health is observed with the use of garlique when it is used with other antioxidants.
  • Usually, it is better to use this tablet only after the advice of a doctor. In case any reaction occurs with the use of these tablets, you must immediately consult your doctor or pharmacist. It is important to know all the befits before getting garlic tablets.

Garlic EC 400 mg and its use

The complete market name of garlique tablets is the garlique EC 400 mg. these are the enteric-coated tablets that means that the content of this tablet will release in the intestine. This tablet is enteric coated because this way, the content so the gastric fluids in your stomach won’t destroy the tablet.

The use of this medicine is quite simple, and all you need to do is to take one tablet and swallow it with water. The dosage may change as prescribed by the doctor. Reading the leaflet on the container can guide you further about tablets, even though it is already pretty simple.

Side effects of garlique

The use of garlique, just like any medicine, herbal or not have some side effects. So, the following are some of the side effects that you can experience using garlique tablets.

You may experience heartburn and chest pain due to t the use of this medicine.

  • Your breath will smell, and that also happens when you’re simply taking Garlic in your food.
  • This medicine may also upset your stomach due to the enteric coating then; these side effects happen less often, but they can happen.
  • Suppose bruising or bleeding is also experienced with the use of this medicine. In that case, you need to get immediate medical attention from your prescriber or pharmacist.
  • An allergic reaction may also be reported with this medicine, as it also happens with other herbal medicine. If you have an allergic reaction to it, you will feel swelling in your mouth or throat, itching, rash, and it can also lead to dizziness and trouble in breathing.

Some other side effects apart from these can also happen with the use of garlique tablets. Since this is not FDA-approved, the side effects may be a lot more than this. You must immediately seek medical attention if you don’t feel better after using this tablet.

Precautions for using garlique tablets

When you are using an herbal medicine like garlic tablets, then there are possible risks to it. To avoid these risks, there are a few precautions that you need to follow strictly.

  • You have to make sure that you don’t have an allergy to Garlic because if you do, you will be having an allergic reaction to its use. So, it’s better to avoid such medicine at all.
  • In case of other health problems, it is important to discuss them with your doctor because this medicine in some conditions may not be safe for you.
  • Garlic can also cause a bleeding problem, so it is important to let the surgeon and dentists know about it.
  • Consumptions of alcohol with the garlique tablets can also create many problems like pain in the stomach and some other bleeding problems.
  • It is better not to use this medicine during your pregnancy. It is also advised not to use it during breastfeeding, so it doesn’t pass through the milk in your child.

Interactions with other drugs

When you are using the garlique tablets, there is a chance that it can interfere with other medicines you are using, so it is better to let your doctor know what medicines you are using.

  • This may interact with the drugs that have anticoagulant properties and cause excessive bleeding. For the same reason, this medicine can also interact with aspirin.
  • This drug may also interact with birth control pills and can decrease the effectiveness.


This was all you needed to know about the garlique tablets. These garlique tablets can improve your overall cardiac and immune health system but should be used with care since it isn’t FDA approved. So it is better to use it only after the advice of your doctor.

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