Fitness Evolution Over the Time

Fitness Evolution Over the Time

Wanting fitness is not something that people have recently just gotten interested in. Still, it has been a concern of people for a very long time, and that is how fitness evolution started. Back in the early ages, people had more physical activity. To sufficient that, we have moved towards fitness and workout programs. All the fitness gurls program that you need right now was not a concern back then when people had to do physical exertion to do their everyday things in their life. The concept of workout and jazzercise started in the early 70s. Before that, there were different ways people use to maintain fitness. The fitness evolution can be understood by the below points

Primal times

Primal times were full of fitness because people had to be physically active to make sure their lives were secret. They would run from one place to another to save themselves from extreme weather and wild animals. And they also were into hunting which means more physical exertion. They had more physical activity than what you do in hours ling sessions with your fitness gurls.

Neolithic time

Neolithic time was less wild, and people used to do the periodic physical activity of preparing their crops and feeding their cattle herds. There was still a lot of physical movement, but that involved less running and hunting. Their everyday lifestyle changes into simpler and less complicated things.

Ancient times

Ancient times are when the people started going to war against each other. It is when fitness exercises started, which is done to train the soldiers for the fight. But this the first of any physical fitness training in history, and from that, the fitness evolution started.

Dark ages

Dark ages

Dark ages

The dark ages were the time where the spirituality of humans became more important than the body. It was the time when only the nobles and the soldiers went into training, which was too only for war purposes. The rest of the people would do the physical work of tending to their crops and doing other labour work for these nobles.


Renaissance-era is the true fitness evolution. This was the time the sports were classified from the workouts, and other physical activities books were written in that period to determine how to get rid of the injuries resulted from physical exercises. People were encouraged to be more active to stray healthy and fit.

The old times

The old times were when there was an industrial revolution but still most of them that were done manually, which means people would stay fit and healthy without any training.

Modern fitness

Modern fitness came into being in the 20th century, and that was when the proper concept of workout and fitness programs was developed. With modernization, people would do lesser physical activity ad that was increasing the health concern, so you should now join the programs like fitness gurls.


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