Everything You Should Know About Keratin Treatment

Everything You Should Know About Keratin Treatment

Before we can get into the details about keratin treatment, we should know what keratins exactly. Hair strands are made of protein and the major protein present in the hair s keratin itself. To have healthy-looking hair, your hair should have the correct amount of protein. It is the damaged hair that lacks these proteins. Hair is too important for some people and them, health looking here is better than anything else.

So, if you want your hair to look healthy and good, you should opt for the keratin treatment. The presence of keratin in a product and its use in the keratin treatment is completely different. When keratin is present in a hair product, it is being used to strengthen the hair. Still, in the keratin treatment itself, the keratin plays the role of temporarily straightening the hair. This will smoothen your hair texture and will also give you a shiny and fresh look.

What is a keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment is a chemical process in which the chemicals are used to create the porous paths in your hair which helps the penetration of the keratin protein into your hair. Due to the presence of keratin, your hair will look not only healthy but also be healthy. Usually, the chemical that is used in the keratin treatment is the formaldehyde solution.

This will prepare your hair to absorb the keratin better. But the whole chemical blend can be customized according to the need of your hair. That is why the keratin treatment also goes by different names in each place. The formaldehyde in itself is very damaging, so if you are not getting it done from a good place, you will damage your hair with these keratin treatments.

What to expect from keratin treatment near me?

When you plan to get a keratin treatment done, you might wonder that how to look for the keratin treatment near me? Well, with the help of google reviews, you can also read the reviews regarding the keratin services.

After finding a pace for the keratin treatment, you should book two or more hours off of your schedule. The amount of time you will need for this treatment can depend on the hairstylist who is doing your hair. The amount of time also depends on the chemical formulation that they might be using on you. In keratin treatment, you can experience different approaches as well.

In some cases, they wash your hair at first and apply the keratin solution to your wet hair. Still, in other cases, your hair is dried after being washed, and keratin is then applied to the dry hair. Using the flat iron, the whole treatment is sealed into the hair by ironing the hair on low to medium heat. So, you need to go for the saloon with better reviews when you are looking for keratin treatment near me.

How does keratin treatment different from chemical relaxer?

A chemical relaxer is a permanent thing your hair will have to grow out from it. O the other hand, a keratin treatment is temporary, and it will be washed out from your hair after almost six months. The chemical relaxer consists of a chemical blend that will break the bind in curly hair and weaken your hair. The bonus makes your hair curly on breaking them will instantly help you straighten out your hair.

The only thing that can be damaging in the keratin treatment is formaldehyde. This can damage your hair, but apart from all that, you can still get enough protein for your hair to look healthier. You will have a demarcation line with the chemical relaxer treatment when mohair regrowing out in its original texture. Still, with the keratin treatment, that is not something you will have to experience.

Why formaldehyde in the keratin treatment is bad

Formaldehyde is not present in the keratin treatment in its original form. Formaldehyde is formed by or of its precursors mixing with water. During the treatment process, when water is involved, formaldehyde is formed. This may not only cause you hair damage, but it also has the potential risks of cancer.

This can pose a risk for not only the person taking the treatment but the one who is giving treatment will be exposed to it as well. Sometimes when the salons say they offer formaldehyde-free keratin treatment, you should see the list of ingredients and see if there is any precursor of the formaldehyde that could turn it into formaldehyde.

Can you do keratin treatment at home?

Can you do keratin treatment at home

Can you do keratin treatment at home

Due to this pandemic, people are cleaning to do such things on their own, and yes, you can do a keratin treatment at home. But the keratin treatment at home won’t give you the type of perfection that you usually get by the hands of a professional.

If you want out this at home, you will have to find a good keratin treatment kit. With the instructions given on the packaging, you can easily do this at home.  But make sure you are following all the instructions very carefully and don’t leave the whole treatment on your hair for too long to get better effects.

When can you and can’t do keratin treatment at home?

Most of the time, people are told that they can’t get keratin treatment done to their hair if their hair has been dyed. But that is incorrect, and you can get both keratin treatment and hair dye done simultaneously.

The thing that you can’t do with the keratin treatment is the chemical relaxer treatment. Suppose you hope that your damaged hair from the chemical relaxers will get better with the keratin treatment. In that case, you’re mistaken because it will end up damaging all of your hair. Most people also question getting a treatment done while they are pregnant, and no, that is completely Insafe and shouldn’t be done.


Keratin treatment is completely safe unless you are unaware of the whole procedure and are getting it done from a bad place. Keratin treatment can be made safe for your hair, and the results will be very pretty for you.

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