Detailed Overview on Having One Eye Bigger Than The Other And ItsTreatment

Detailed Overview on Having One Eye

Having one eye bigger than the other is common facial asymmetry. There are very few people who have perfectly symmetrical facial features. Facial asymmetry is so slight that most of the time, people do not even notice it. Sometimes it is the shape of the eyebrows or nose that make one eye look bigger. It is very rare for medical conditions to cause facial asymmetry. Here are some of the causes of facial asymmetry and some possible treatments.

What Are The Causes?

Many natural and medical causes can cause one eye bigger than the other. The possible causes are mentioned below.


Genetics can also be the reason for uneven eyelids. Suppose you have one eye bigger than the other due to genetics. In that case, you might notice that the other members of your family have the same type of facial asymmetry. Uneven eyes due to genetics are normal, and there is nothing to be worried about.


The bulging of one eye or both eyes is called proptosis. It is also knowns as exophthalmos. Graves disease is one of the main causes of proptosis. In this disease, the tissue that is on the backside of the eye swells. This swelling of the tissue leads to the bulging of the eye to the outside.

Proptosis can also be caused by certain tumors, infection, and bleeding, but these cases are rare. In addition, the bulging of the eye is not the only symptom of proptosis. It can also cause fever, pain in the eye, vision problems in the affected eye, and pulsing sensation in the affected eye.


Exophthalmos is the condition in which the eye is displaced from its location. The reason for this displacement is the space that is created behind the eye due to a medical condition or injury. It mostly happens due to an injury like a strong blow on the face or when your eye is injured in an accident.

Medical conditions in which the sinus cavity that is behind is affected also cause enophthalmos. People sometimes experience pulling sensations and pain in the face. Sometimes there are no noticeable symptoms. Enophthalmos can occur abruptly, or sometimes it occurs slowly over the years.

Medical problems leading to enophthalmos are Paget disease, chronic maxillary sinusitis, bony defects, silent sinus syndrome, and maxillary sinus tumors.


One eye bigger than the other is also caused by ptosis. Ptosis is also referred to as droopy eyelid. This is because when the levator muscle that holds up the eyelid of your eye stretches or detaches, then it causes droopy eyelid. This droopy eyelid will make it appear that one eye is bigger than the other.

Ptosis is most common in older people. This is because the muscles start to become weak at an older age, which leads to ptosis. But tumor and stroke can also lead to ptosis. In some severe cases, the eyelid droops too much, which can cause a hindrance in the vision of the person. In such situations, surgery is recommended.

Common Facial Asymmetry

It might be surprising to know that complete facial symmetry is very rare. According to a study, it was also found that perfect facial symmetry looks unattractive. However, some types of facial asymmetry look attractive.

Sometimes it is not always uneven eyes that cause one eye to look bigger than the other. Other features like uneven eyebrows or the shape of the nose can also cause one eye to look bigger than the other.

What Are The Treatments?

If your eyes are slightly uneven, you should not go for any treatment as it is not noticeable. However, if you have facial asymmetry due to a medical condition, then to prevent further damage, your doctor will ask you to get the required treatment.

In some cases, when facial asymmetry affects your vision, you should go for the treatments. Here are some possible treatments for facial asymmetry.

Brow Lift

A brow lift is also known as a forehead lift. It is a forehead rejuvenation process. This process is done to lift your eyebrows. A cosmetic surgeon does it. Different methods like endoscopic brow lift, hairline brow lift, and coronal brow lift.

These procedures are not 100 percent safe as there are some risks. Following are the risks that can occur.

  • Bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Infection


Contouring and highlighting are the makeup techniques that can be used to make your eyes look symmetrical. For example, suppose your facial asymmetry is caused due to the shape of your eyebrows. In that case, you can also use an eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrows look even.

Suppose you do not know how to do the contouring or highlighting for facial asymmetry. In that case, you can watch tutorials on youtube. In addition, there are consultants in makeup stores who can also guide you to do the contouring.


Botox is another good treatment for uneven eyes, but it is a temporary treatment. The effect of botox generally lasts for four months, and then you have to repeat the treatment. Botox is a non-surgical treatment for brow lifting.

It is for those uneven eyes that look uneven due to eyebrow asymmetry. A muscle relaxer is injected into the area around the eyebrows, which makes the eyebrows look balanced.


Blepharoplasty is used to treat uneven eyelids, which causes the eyes to look uneven. Uneven eyelids are caused by excess fat or skin on one eye than the other. In this process that excess fat or skin is removed to make the eyes look symmetrical.

Following are the side effects of this surgical treatment.

  • Swelling on the treatment for 15 days.
  • Scarring after the procedure takes time to fade away.

When You Need Medical Help?

The appearance of one eye bigger than the other is not something unusual or something you should be worried about. It is best to do nothing for normal eye asymmetry, or you can use makeup to change the look.

But there are certain situations where you must seek medical assistance if you have eyes asymmetry with other symptoms.

  • Pain in the eye.
  • Swelling of the area around the eye.
  • If your eye appearance changed due to an injury.
  • A pulse-like feeling in one eye.


Facial asymmetry is sometimes only visible to the person who has it. In case of any medical problem that leads to eyes asymmetry, you must visit a doctor.

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