Bromphen PSE Dm Syrup And Its Uses

Bromphen PSE Dm Syrup And Its Uses

It is better to understand how a medicine like Bromphen PSE DM works because it is used more frequently in the common cold. Allergic rhinitis and seasonal allergies are quite common in people. Some people get it the same time every year, or it gets triggered by something. For example, you can be allergic to dust, animal dander, and even pollens.

This type of allergy can cause you to sneeze, stuffy and runny nose, and sometimes even lead to cough. Treating such a condition is very important, even though it will take time. This medicine is the treatment that controls the symptoms, and the allergy will go away on its own. Since allergic rhinitis has very cold-like symptoms, this medicine is also used in the cold to control the symptoms.

Bromphen PSE DM

Bromphen PSE DM is used to treat the common cold and allergic rhinitis, which has cold-like symptoms. The Bromphen PSE DM contains three different kinds of active ingredients, and each one plays a role in controlling the symptoms of a cold. This medicine contains brompheniramine, pseudoephedrine, and dextromethorphan.

Brompheniramine is an antihistamine and helps to treat the symptoms of the common cold and allergies. Pseudoephedrine is a nasal decongestant. So if you have a stuffed nose, it will help clear that out. On the other hand, dextromethorphan will act as a cough suppressant. This way, all these three medications work together to treat all the common cold and allergies symptoms.

Bromphen PSE DM Acetaminophen syrup is also available, lowering the fever if you have been feeling any. This alternative should be given in case of fever or body ache.

Uses of Bromphen PSE DM

There are many uses of Bromphen PSE DM, and the following are some of them.

  • It helps to treat the cold-like symptoms that include stuffy and runny nose etc.
  • This medicine is also given in breathing illnesses.
  • It also helps with suppressing the cough. It helps with the cough that is triggered by smoking and asthma
  • This medicine also decreases the watery and runny eyes during flu-like symptoms.

These are some of the important uses of Bromphen PSE DM. On the other end, some people also use it because it makes them sleepy. You should never give this to your child to cause sleep. Even if the child is suffering from such symptoms, it is better to consult a doctor, especially for your child, to provide the treatment accordingly. Doses should be different in kids, and your doctor will decide that thing. It is better not to give this medicine to anyone younger than 12 years on your own.

How to use Bromphen PSE DM syrup

Learning how to take medicine properly is very important. Keeping this in mind, you should learn how to take Bromphen PSE DM syrup correctly. Following are all the things that you need to learn before buying this syrup.

  • You need to read the label or the leaflet that comes out of the packaging to know everything about the medicine you will take.
  • You can take this medicine with or without food, but if you are experiencing an upset stomach with the use of this medicine, then you should start taking it with meals. You can also start taking this medicine with milk in that case.
  • It is better to take this medicine at night because it will make you very drowsy and sleepy.
  • You should also be drinking plenty of fluids while taking this medication. That is something that you should do while trying to recover from the common cold or allergy.
  • If you are taking a syrup, make sure to shake that bottle well and take it with a measuring spoon that comes with the packaging.
  • If you are taking the extended-release tablets or capsules, then try not to break them so that they can release slowly into your system from your intestines.
  • If the symptoms don’t get any better even after the use of Bromphen PSE DM, then you should see your door again and discuss if you need an antiviral or antibacterial for the treatment.,
  • The dose of medicine varies a lot from person to person based on age, body weight, and other factors. So, you should always consult a doctor or pharmacy before starting this medicating.

Side effects

Side effects of all the medicines are common and come with Bromphen PSE DM as well. Following are all the side effects that you can experience with the use of this medication

  • You will experience an upset stomach with the use of this medication. If that is happening, you should start taking this medicine with milk or food.
  • You will also be experiencing dizziness and blurry vision with it. This is why you need to take this medicine at night time.
  • A very rare side effect can also happen, which means you will experience irregular heartbeat and seizures.
  • Allergic reaction to this medicine is uncommon, but if you are getting allergy-like symptoms like your eyes to start to get puffy, rash, itching, and swelling on any part of your body, it shows signs of allergic reaction.

These are all the side affects you need to know about Bromphen PSE DM


Following are some of the precautions that you have to take while taking Bromphen PSE DM.

  • You should not take this medicine with other antihistamines, MAO inhibitors, and opioids because all these medicines can interact with Bromphen PSE DM.
  • You should better take this medicine before driving and before running heavy machinery. This is because this medicine can make you sleepy.
  • If this medicine comes in syrup form, it can’t be taken by patients with diabetes. So, it is important to take tablets or capsules in such situations.


this was everything you need to know about Bromphen PSE DM. With all this knowledge, you can make better judgments before starting your treatment. You will know all the possible side effects of the medicine, making it easy for them to handle. You know all the uses and how this medicine works for that purpose.


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