Blisovi 24 Fe Reviews – Usage, Complications, and Interactions

Blisovi 24 Fe Reviews – Usage,Complications, and Interactions

People find Blisovi 24 Fe very helpful. It clears out acne, prevents pregnancy, and lightens periods. Sometimes it leads to headaches which is not a severe issue.

The use of Blisovi 24 Fe prevents pregnancy, and it is a combination drug. It is a hormonal drug comprising of two hormones which are Ethinyl estradiol (it is an estrogen) and norethindrone (which is progesterone). Its primary function is to suppress ovulation (the release of an egg) during menstruation. This process helps prevent fertilization and alters the uterine lining to prevent fertilized eggs from attaching to the womb. The drug also assists in the thickening of the vaginal fluid so that thicker liquid can help stop sperm from reaching towards an egg.

How does it work?

A fertilized egg comes out of the body when it does not attach to the womb (uterus). Each pill out of the four inactivated drugs contains a minor quantity of iron (This iron is ferrous fumarate).

In addition to preventing you from being pregnant, consumption of Blisovi 24 Fe may decrease your menstrual blood flow, regulate your menstrual cycle, diminish pain during periods, lower the risk of polycystic ovary syndrome, and reduce your acne outbreak. After consuming the drug, you and your better half don’t become safe from STDs, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HIV.

Method of utilization

Your healthcare provider gives you a leaflet of information for the patient, so you must read it before initiating medicine utilization. Don’t forget to go through this leaflet every time you get a new packet of tablets. All vitals details regarding intake of pills communicate with your physician regarding any questions.

You can consume the medicine via oral route with food. You can also consume it without food according to your physician’s guidelines. You have to finish the pills usually at an interval of every 24 hours. Choose a specific time during the day which you can remember easily and consume tablets at this time every day.

When you choose to take Blisovi 24 Fe in a chewable form, thoroughly chew one tablet and then swallow it in 24 hours. Some companies make tablets in chewable form, which you can swallow entirely. Other companies make pills which you need to consume using water or without water. You must attentively consume medicine while following the producer’s guidelines for your company.

How much to Consume?

It would be best to consume these tablets entirely according to your physician’s prescription. Go through the instructions given on the package and take pills in proper order. Never stop taking your dose intentionally. Your risk of being pregnant increases if you don’t consume the pills consciously, make a delay in initiation of taking tablets from a new packet or make a change in time of drug consumption than usual time.

After dinner, you must consume the pills if you suffer from a disturbed stomach. You must strictly follow your daily routine of simultaneously taking the Blisovi 24 Fe. When you suffer from diarrhea or vomiting at an interval of four hours after consuming the medicine, read the leaflet of information for patients carefully because digestive issues can occur due to skipping your daily dose.

Twenty-four active pills (comprising hormones) are present in a packet of pills along with four inactivated medications (don’t comprise hormones). You have to consume one activated tablet daily for twenty-four days and consume one inactivated tablet in 4 days. When you complete your course of taking 24 pills (one pill per day), consume four inactivated drugs daily for four days. The menstrual period should start after the 4th week of the packet. In a different condition, consult your physician.

When you are not consuming other birth control pills, initiate consumption of the medication on the 1st day of menstruation.


Spotting can occur in the initial months of utilization. You can also experience feet swelling, breast tenderness, headache, and nausea. When your two periods don’t show up, then contact your physician. People don’t experience severe complications after utilizing Blisovi 24 Fe.

Your BP can elevate after its usage. There will be an urgent need to see your physician if you observe any mass in the breast area and go through depression, abnormal vaginal discharge, and cramps. You can rarely experience fatal problems such as heart failure and stroke from blood clots.

When you experience migraines, abnormal sweating, and double vision or breathing difficulties, seek immediate medical help. Allergic reaction is rare after utilizing the pills. However, you should seek medical care immediately if you suffer from breathing difficulty, dizziness, or itching.


Communicate with your physician before consuming the pills if you experience certain medical conditions such as;

  1. Suppose you get an allergic reaction from ferrous fumarate norethindrone or Ethinyl estradiol. Inactivated components of the tablets lead to allergic reactions.
  2. Contact your physician if you have a medical history of blood clotting diseases, angioedema, hormonal cancer, elevated BP, high cholesterol level, jaundice, spotting, or heart diseases before consuming these tablets.
  3. Blood sugar level elevates due to consumption of Blisovi 24 Fe so if you experience enhanced urination or thirst, contact your physician.
  4. Smokers should not use these tablets because their risk of stroke and heart diseases elevates by using these pills.
  5. There will be less chance of pregnancy for you after you end using birth control pills, so contact your physician in this regard.
  6. Never utilize Blisovi 24 Fe if you are pregnant.


There will be an increase in complications due to drug-to-drug interactions. Never initiate end or alter the dose of the drug without getting approval from your physician. Some medicines can lower the birth control hormones in the body, which include;

  • Modafinil and griseofulvin
  • Medications utilized in seizures therapy (carbamazepine and primidone)
  • Drugs used in HIV therapy (ritonavir and nevirapine)

Blisovi 24 Fe interacts with specific lab tests (thyroid and factors for blood clotting), leading to false results of laboratory tests. So, inform your healthcare providers that you utilize these tablets. When you have consumed an extra dose and experience breathing difficulty, immediately contact your physician.


Carefully read precautions before starting consumption of these Blisovi 24 Fe. Try to follow your physician’s guidelines regarding the use of the pills. Always keep the medicine at standard temperature and keep it away from humidity and light. Protect the tablets from pets and kids. Try to discard the pills carefully when you don’t need to utilize them.


Can Blisovi 24 Fe decrease the periodic blood flow?

Yes, it can reduce the amount of menstrual blood in many females, but it is not a severe issue.

What time interval is required for Blisovi 24 Fe to start its function?

Blisovi 24 Fe starts its function immediately when you initiate its utilization five days after the beginning of your recent menstrual cycle.

Can Blisovi 24 Fe clear acne-prone skin?

Yes, Blisovi 24 Fe clears out acne-prone skin and prevents acne breakouts.


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