Baby 10 Weeks Old – What To Expect?

Baby 10 Weeks Old – What To

There are many changes that you will be noticing in baby 10 weeks old. At this time, parents are excited and, at the same time, get emotional as their tiny baby is growing too fast. Parents are also worried about the development of babies. Keep in mind that every baby has their age to do things. Here are the things that you can expect or know about a 10-week old baby.

Sleeping Pattern

The sleeping pattern of a 10-week old baby starts to change. At this time, the babies need sleep of 14 to 17 hours for proper development. During this time, babies are trying to absorb maximum information and grow in every possible way; that is why proper sleep is necessary.

You will also notice that your baby is developing a proper pattern of sleep. It means that your baby would like to sleep at the same time every day. It is a big relief for parents as a routine starts to develop. Sometimes babies start to sleep less during this period, but this change is just 5 to 10 days. Following are the causes.

  • The main reason is the growth spurt.
  • If your baby is unwell, then it can also be the cause of disturbing his sleeping routine.

Food And Nutrition

Most parents are worried about the nutrition of baby 10 weeks old. One of the most asked questions is that the breastmilk or formula is enough or not. As babies are developing very fast during this time, so required nutrition is vital for proper development. The recommended amount of breastmilk or formula after every 2 to 4 hours is perfect for proper development.

If you feed your baby when they then it is the best way to keep them well nutritional. Sometimes the hunger of babies also increases during this time. The growth spurts and mental development are the main reason for increasing the hunger of the baby.

Babies know well about their requirements, and as soon as they know they are full, they will stop feeding. Formula babies tend to gain more weight than breastfed babies. The reason is that breastfeeding babies stop drinking milk when they are full. On the other hand, the formula babies finish the bottle, which fulfills their requirement.

Every baby has its own pace of growth. If your baby’s growth and weight are below the standard range, the doctor will ask you to increase the quantity of formula or milk.

Bowel Movement

Many parents get worried when their babies stop pooping daily. It is not something to worry about as it is completely normal. When the baby starts to grow, his bowel starts to grow also. That is the reason that after 10 weeks, babies might poop after one day.


You can expect more movement and responses from a baby 10 weeks old. With time the coordination of different parts of the baby’s body gets better. They can move their hands and legs freely. At the start, babies also get overwhelmed and excited due to new changes in the body. Now you will notice that your baby is smiling and giggling. At this age, babies love to touch and hold things.

To encourage your babies to move their heads and lift their necks, you can also lay down with your child or help them do it. These exercises also strengthen the bond between the parents and babies.

Baby massages and yoga is very important during this time. As babies are on their back or belly most of the time, they do not get to move their legs frequently. Massaging their legs or moving them in round motion can encourage your baby to move legs. Also, giving a good massage to babies before sleeping give them a good night’s sleep.

A 10-week old baby also starts to respond to the music. Play a music video on mobile or tv, and they will give different expressions. However, the eyesight of a 10-week old baby is not completely developed, so they can only see large objects with bold colors.


The senses start to develop rapidly in a baby 10 weeks old. A 10-week old baby starts to recognize his parents. It is the best time to communicate and play with your baby. When you are talking to your baby, then he starts to focus on your lips. Then babies start to link the lip movements and the sound produced due to these lip movements.

As the senses of babies are developing rapidly so you should buy sensory toys for your baby. Babies love to hold or touch these toys. Toys that have lights or produces sound look more attractive to babies. At this age, babies start to respond differently to different sounds. You will also notice that your baby is getting excited about a certain sound. It can be his favorite sound.

The cries of babies start to develop at this age. Therefore, it is best to respond to your baby as soon as they cry. This way, babies cry less as compared to the babies who do not get a quick response. You will also notice that your baby is changing his cry. This happens when you do not respond to their cries, so they change their cries to get the response.


Most of the babies get their first vaccine when they are 8 weeks old. But sometimes delays can occur, or your baby will get the vaccine when 10 weeks old. Parents are worried about the pain during the vaccine and after the vaccination.

The best way to stop them from crying during or after the vaccination is a distraction. Give them their favorite toy after the vaccination to distract them. Some babies develop a fever after the vaccine. Again there is nothing to be worried about. The doctor will already inform you to give panado drops if the baby develops a fever.


Go for regular check-ups of your baby to keep track of everything. Then, if you are worried about something or have any queries, go to the pediatrician without any delay.



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