All You Need To Know About Fue Hair Transplant

All You Need To Know About Fue Hair Transplant

Fue hair transplant can help you regain your confidence which was lost with the loss of your hair. The overall appearance of a person can play a very important role in self-confidence. Most people have negative effects of hair loss on their self-confidence. It can affect the whole life of the person, especially the social life of the person. The hair transplant industry has made tremendous advancements, and that is the reason you can go for a hair transplant without any side effects or mild and temporary side effects. Here is all the info that you need to know about the FUT.

A Brief Introduction:-

In follicular unit extraction, the hair follicles are removed and implanted in the area where the hairs are lost. This procedure gained more popularity than follicular unit transplantation as it was more convenient and natural-looking.

Prepare Your Body And Yourself For The Transplant:-

Here are some tips that you need to follow if you are going for a Fue hair transplant:

  • Massage your scalp for 10 to 30 minutes daily a week before the transplant to increase the blood circulation In your scalp.
  • It is good to undergo the required test such as ECG and blood tests for satisfaction.
  • If your surgeon recommends you any medicine, do take these medicines regularly.
  • Do not cut your hair before the surgery.
  • Do not take aspirin or any blood thinners before the surgery.
  • Try to avoid vitamins, dietary supplements, and antidepressants two weeks before the surgery.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking three days before the surgery.

Step By Step Procedure Of FUE Hair Transplant:-

Here is the step by step procedure of the transplant:

  1. First of all, the surgeon will clean the area of the transplant.
  2. Now he will shave the area from where the hair of the transplant will be removed and from the area around the transplant area.
  3. Now the surgeon using the micro punch tool will remove the hair follicles from the skin.
  4. The surgeon will now make a small incision in the scalp with the help of a small needle where he can insert the extracted follicles.
  5. Now he will insert the follicles into the incision.
  6. In the end, the surgeon will clean the area and bandage the whole transplant place for recovery.

How Does The Transplant Work?-

How Does The Transplant Work?

How Does The Transplant Work?

Everyone has a different body type, which is why the age and reason of baldness in all people are not the same. Baldness occurs when hair follicles stop regrowing hairs. In an FUE hair transplant, the new hair follicles that can grow are inserted with the old hair follicles. After the transplant, these hair follicles are nourished by the blood vessels and start growing the hair.

After the surgery, it is normal that some of the new hairs fall out during the healing process. there is nothing to worry about as you will start to see the results in the 3 to 4 months

Let’s Talk About The Side Effects:-

There are no common side effects, but there are some rare side effects that might occur, and you need to see your surgeon if any of these occur.

  • If you start noticing some infectious symptoms, then go to your doctor.
  • If there occurs drainage or crust at the site of the transplant.
  • Folliculitis can also occur. In this, the follicles swell.
  • If you notice any bleeding at the surgery site.
  • Go to your doctor if you notice any swelling or pain.
  • The transplanted hair does not look like the other hairs around.
  • If you feel any tingling and numbness at the site of the surgery.
  • If you still notice thinning of the hair or baldness even after the transplant.

After Care Instructions That You Have To Follow:-

Here are some of the aftercare instruction that your surgeon will tell you to follow:

  • Do not take a shower or wash your hair for at least three days after the surgery.
  • After surgery, when you wash your hair, then use some mild and unscented shampoos. You can also ask your doctor to prescribe one. Do this for at least 2 to 3 weeks.
  • It is unnecessary but to accelerate the healing process; you can take some days off from your work to do the proper rest.
  • You should not wear any clothing that goes over your head, like hats. Ask your doctor before wearing them.
  • Avoid brushing or combing your hair for at least three weeks.
  • After surgery, you should not do any strenuous exercise or workout.

Where The Fue Hair Transplant Can Be Performed:-

The Fue hair transplant can be performed can any area of your body, like arms and legs. Mainly it is performed on the scalp.

Cost Of The Fue Hair Transplant:-

Fue hair transplant cost is between $4000 to $1500 per session. If there are multiple sessions, then it can set up to $50000. Here are some of the factors on which the cost of the transplant depends upon.

  • The number of hairs that are extracted and transplanted.
  • How common is this procedure in your area? The more the procedure is common, the less is the price.
  • How frequently your surgeon performs hair transplant surgery.
  • How much experience and in-demand is your surgeon?

Why Choose FUE Hair Transplant:-

Here are some of the reasons that you go for this hair transplant method:

  • This process is done in several sessions. In some cases, there is one mega session which is for 10 to 12 hours.
  • This transplant process is an outpatient process so that you can go to your house after every session.
  • Your daily routine is not interrupted by this transplant, but you have to avoid showering and exercise.
  • This surgery can be performed by almost every kind of surgeon. For satisfaction, you can consult a dermatologist.
  • There is no scarring after this process


With the advancement of science, now everything is possible. As it is a quite simple and effective process and there are no extra restrictions after the surgery, you can go for this transplant method.


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