All About Myorisan

All About Myorisan

When nodular acne does not respond to any treatment, then Myorisan is given. It is a retinoid. Suppose your acne is increased and does not respond to any treatment and does not treat it properly. In that case, severe nodular acne can leave permanent scars on your face. It is given to patients for 15 to 20 weeks. Commonly, after 15 to 20 weeks, the person’s condition began to improve, or they are completely healed. Suppose the acne starts to appear after the first course. In that case, the second course begins after two months because sometimes, the person’s condition gets better in the two months.

How Is It Used?

Your doctor will prescribe you the dosage based on your weight, response to your acne’s medicine, age, and condition. Take the exact amount of dose your doctor prescribes you. Even when you go for a refill, you have to fill a form about your information, so do not forget to fill it to keep a proper medical record.

When you start taking medicine, there are high chances that your acne will get worsen for the first 15 days, so do not worry about it. After 15 days, you will notice that your acne is getting better, and you will see positive results for the rest of your treatment. Sometimes after completing the first course, the acne starts to reappear after some time, but your doctor will ask you to wait for at least eight weeks to start the next course. Do not take medicine longer than prescribed as the long-term use of this medicine is not safe.

Myorisan is in the form of a capsule, so you have to swallow it whole. The typical dose of Myorisan is two capsules in a day. Do not split or chew the tablet. You can take the capsule both with water or food. If you are taking medicine with water, then take it with a full glass of water. Taking this capsule with food is preferred because it increases the absorption of the drug in the bloodstream. Ask your doctor about how you should take medicine. Avoid lying down immediately after taking medication.

Interaction With Other Medicines

Make a list of all the medicines that you are taking, even the non-prescription and herbal. Give that list to your doctor. There are chances that Myorisan may interact with the other drugs that you are taking. Your doctor will inform you which medicine you can take with Myorisan and which medication you should stop taking. When you are taking Myorisan, do not start a new medicine or stop taking a medicine without asking your doctor.

Here are the medicines that can interact with Myorisan.

  • Drugs that contain vitamin A.
  • Drugs that cause bone loss like corticosteroids.

Precautions While Taking This Medicine

Inform your doctor about your medical history in detail as this medicine can affect your other medical condition. When you are taking Myorisan, do not donate blood. Do not donate blood for at least a month, even after stop taking medicine.

Myorisan can affect your night vision. Avoid driving and using any machinery at night. Your skin will also become sensitive to the sun. Avoid going in the sun while taking this medicine. Your doctor will ask you to apply sunscreen when going into the sun and wear proper clothes. If you notice sunburn, rash, or blisters on your skin, then contact your doctor immediately.

Notify your doctor if you are allergic to any medicine, especially vitamin A-related medicine. Also, inform your doctor if you are allergic to soybean, parabens, and peanut butter.

If you have any of the following medical conditions, then notify your doctor.

  • If you have high blood pressure.
  • Inform your doctor if you have diabetes.
  • Notify your doctor if you have psychiatric disorders such as depression or have a family history of psychiatric disorders.
  • Eating disorder.
  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Liver disease.
  • Inform your doctor if you have any bone loss conditions.

Myorisan And Pregnancy

Pregnant women should not take this medicine. A single dose of this medicine can cause severe damage to the baby, cause severe defects in the baby, premature birth of the baby, and the baby’s death. Even do not take medicine if you are about to conceive.

If you are going to take medicine, your doctor will ask you to take both primary and secondary birth control types. Taking this medicine can cause a defect of the ears, eyes, skull, brain, and heart in the baby.

Side Effects Of Myorisan

Some common side effects of taking Myorisan are dry mouth, nosebleeds, slight swelling on your lips and eyelids, upset stomach, thinning of hair, or crusty skin. To treat the dryness, your doctor will ask you to chew on gums, increase the water intake, or you can also take a saliva substitute.

If you notice any of the following severe side effects like depression, aggressive behavior, suicidal thoughts, irritation on the skin, muscle pain, peeling of the skin, infection, and sore throat, then consult your doctor as soon as possible. Taking Myorisan can also cause pancreatitis that is sometimes fatal. If you experience severe pain in the stomach, nausea, and vomiting, stop taking medicine as soon as possible and go to your doctor.

Keep in mind that your doctor prescribed you this medicine by keeping all the positive and negative sides of this medicine. So follow the instructions and prescription of your doctor.

Overdose Of Myorisan

The symptoms of overdose are trouble breathing, facial flushing, stomach pain, vomiting, loss of balance, and headache. If you notice these symptoms, then seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Never take this medicine without a prescription.

If you miss a dose, then take it as soon as you remember it. If you place it at the time of the next dose, then skip the previous amount.

Store the medicine in a cool and dry place. If you are going to discard the medicine, then discard it properly.

In A Nutshell

This medicine has some severe side effects, so consult your doctor before taking this medicine. Discuss all your medical history with your doctor to avoid any problems.

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