Adderall And Its Uses

Adderall And Its Uses

Adderall is one of the most widely used drugs for the treatment of ADHD. ADHD is an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. ADHD is a brain disorder in which the brain activity is different from the normal brain when it comes o the tasks like attention, self-control, and the ability to sit still. When a person has ADHD, they will not pay attention to one thing at a time. They will always find their mind diverting towards something else. Usually, his is diagnosed when a child goes to school. They are nabe to pay attention in their class, and that is how most cases are identified. Different treatment approaches are used, and Adderall is one of those approaches.


Adderall is a combination of two drugs known as amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Amphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant. On the other hand, dextroamphetamine is also used in this medication for the same purpose because it is a central nervous system stimulant. Both of these drugs treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder by changing a few chemicals in your brain. There are many uses of Adderall, and the following are some of them.

  • First of all, it increases the ability to pay attention, stay focused on your task, and decrease other behavioral problems.
  • Another reason for which Adderall is used is narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a problem in which a person is unable to stay awake during the daytime. This can be controlled by Adderall as well.
  • It is also given to the people high impulse control
  • People often misuse this drug to stay up to stay focused on their tasks for a more extended period.

How to use Adderall

Adderall is very easy to use since it is taken orally. But it is one of the drugs that interfere with your brain activity, so it should be taken with care. This is why here are a few tips on using Adderall

  • First of all, your doctor or pharmacist will guide you about this medication and give you a when medicine guide to understand directions of use this medicine., this guide is given to you when you get the medicine first time and each time with a refill.
  • This is an oral medication, so it should be taken by mouth only.
  • It is usually prescribed from 1 to 3 times a day. If given once a day dosage, it should be taken in the early morning with or without food. But if you are prescribed more doses, the doses should be given 4-6 hours apart from each other. Avoid taking this medication at night time to prevent insomnia.
  • During your treatment, the doctor can also ask you to stop taking this medication to see any changes in your mood.
  • When the doctor tries to stop this medication for you, it isn’t stopped immediately to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Instead, the dose is tapered off slowly, and it may take a month or more for the doctor to stop your medication.
  • The risk of addiction with this medicine is relatively high, so taking the same dose prescribed for the same amount of time is advised. It would be best if you ever changed or prolonged your dose to avoid addiction. The risk is even higher when you have had substance abuse or misuse problem in the past.
  • The dose can be changed by a doctor a lot to see the accurate dosage for yourself.
  • If your condition doesn’t improve or is worsening, you must inform your doctor.

Side effects of Adderall

There are many side effects of a drug, especially if it has anything to do with the central nervous system. Most of these side effects then are related to mood changes or other psychiatric problems. Following is the list of all the possible side effects that you might experience with the use of Adderall.

  • You can experience dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and other such problems with your medicine. However, if one of these side effects persists, you should inform your doctor about it.
  • This medicine is known for raising blood pressure, so make sure to keep your blood pressure in check while taking this medicine. Monitoring it is the key to avoiding further problems.
  • Some severe side effects may also occur with the use of Adderall, and these include the blood flow changes in your hands and feet; you may experience behavioral changes, including depression and thought of suicide. This medicine may also cause problems in your sexual health. If you experience anything like that, you must contact your doctor. Uncontrolled movements may also result in a person using Adderall.
  • Immediate medical attention must be sought when experiencing dizziness, seizures, loss of consciousness, headache, blurred vision, and trouble speaking. These problems must be addressed immediately.
  • Serotonin syndrome may also result when you take this medicine and some other medications that increase the serotonin level. Symptoms of this syndrome include hallucinations, dizziness, twitching muscles, and loss of consciousness.
  • An allergic reaction might happen in people who are allergic to any ingredient in this medication

Precautions while taking Adderall

It would help if you kept some precautions in your mind while taking Adderall

  • Tell your doctor about your complete medical history, including allergies, mental problems, and other circulation problems and disorders.
  • This medicine can make you a bit dizzy, so don’t run heavy machinery or drive when taking this medication.
  • Weight loss is one of the Side effects affecting your child’s growth in children. So stopping the medicine is essential when it’s happening.
  • You must inform your surgeon or dentist about this mediation before your surgery and dental procedure.


This was everything you needed to know about Adderall, used in people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. People with his disorder cannot do everyday things in their lives because of their inability to stay focused. This problem often starts at a very young age, and he cannot do well in school. So treating this disorder is very important with whatever approach the doctor chooses for you. Adderall is one of the medications that is given to such people. Unlike many other drugs, it can be given to kids when the dose is within their safety index.

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