7 Foods That Keep Will You Healthy and Fit

7 Foods That Keep Will You Healthy and Fit

You might be thinking that it is possible to gain both health and fitness at the same time. You cannot only rely on vegetables, fruits, or salads as it will cause more harm than good. You can only find different diet plans in other health and fitness articles, but here in this blog, we will help you to choose your diet plan by yourself.




You should add bananas to your daily diet as they are full of nutrition. Recent studies have shown that eating a banana with its peel is even more effective as it has potassium, serotonin as mood-boaster, and lutein for the eyes. This food is perfect for fueling your body before any workout or exercise as it is higher in energy than other foods. It is one of the main ingredients of smoothies.


You must include blueberries in your healthy diet plan as they are good antioxidants and protect your body from free radicals. The other good thing about it is that it is low in calories. Blueberries contain GI carbohydrate-packed sugars, which are a good source of energy. You can use them after the exercise for refuelling.  You can use them after exercise smoothies or can also add them to your morning porridge.




Your health-related fitness diet plan is not complete without milk. It will hydrate your body, heal your muscle, and has bone-healthy calcium. It will help you to take proper sleep if taken at night. Perfect for those who do exercise daily as it a good source of carbs and protein. You can take it in the form of smoothies and milkshakes.

Brazil Nuts:-

Nuts are a good source of minerals, vitamins, and fibres but brazil nuts also contain selenium minerals which will help you maintain a healthy immune system and fight against cancer and heart disease. However, keep a check on the amount you take as they are high in calories. If you work out daily, you should add them to your daily diet as a snack food as they are a good source of nutrients.

Sweet Potatoes:-

Try to switch your regular potatoes with sweet potatoes. They contain fibre, iron, vitamin C, and carotene. It is a good source of energy if you are going for a heavy workout. The electrolyte potassium in it will prevent you from cramps during exercise. You can use it in mashed or baked form.


Salmon is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, good for your heart health. It will also prevent any memory loss. You must add protein to your post-exercise diet as it will help your muscle to rebuild and repair.


Broccoli is a source of full nutrition for you as it contains minerals, folate, vitamins, fibre, and free radical-fighting antioxidants. You can take it as an alternative source of dairy products.


Hundreds of food will help you achieve fitness health. to do this, you have to know about your requirements properly and take nutrition from every food category. I hope this article has helped you to decide it.

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