5 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Strong Legs Including Fire Hydrant Exercise

5 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Strong

Bodyweight exercises help in toning down the muscles, but it burns the fat at the same time. You do not even have to hit the gym every day for these exercises; all you need is a mat and approximately half an hour daily. Bodyweight exercise is perfect for people who set a 30-day goal to burn fats.

Many people build the upper muscle mass by going to the gym earnestly but skip leg days. Therefore, the leg muscles are not as strong as other body parts. So, build up the glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings by bodyweight exercises.

1.     Single-Leg Glute Bridge

Single-leg glute bridge exercise is good to tone up the muscle of the butt and hamstrings.


Lay down on your back. Lay your hands on the side. Bent your knees and put your foot flat on the mat. Tighten the abdomen muscles and the muscles of the butt. Lift one leg while keeping the pelvis level. Hold for 10 seconds and return to the original position. Repeat this process with the other leg.


This exercise is best for athletes as buttock muscles help in running. This exercise is also great for people who want sculpted buttock muscles. While doing this exercise, squeeze the muscle of the abdomen and lower back, so the spine remains stabilized.

2.     Jump Squats

Squats engage your core muscle, so this exercise is great to strengthen the core muscles.


Keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Begin the motion by pulling your hips backward and moving into a sitting position. Hold your hands in front of your body for counterbalance. Extend your feet and jump so your toes are clear off the ground. When you land, try to absorb the weight of your body by going back to the starting position.


Jump squats burn calories more than normal squats. They are good to strengthen the upper and lower body muscles. They also provide flexibility to the ankles that will help in preventing any serious injuries. You gin muscles from these squats, and that will help in burning fats.

3.     Split Lunges

Split lunges also help in injury prevention and improve an athlete’s sports performance.


You will need an 18 cm tall chair for this exercise. Stand by keeping your feet shoulder-width apart and put one foot beside you on the chair as the ball of your feet and toes are on the chair. Hold your hand in front of your body in a prayer position. Then slowly try to go into a sitting position to not jostle your foot on the chair. Repeat this exercise and alternate between both legs.


Split lunges are known to improve balance and coordination. Split lunges also help people who have tight hip flexor muscles. This exercise will help in stretching that muscle. It will also help improve everyday activity.

4.     Side Lunges

Side lunges are great for improving hip movements, and it also stretches the muscle of the inner thigh.


Clasp your hand in a praying position in front of your body and stand so that your feet are shoulder-width apart. Then take a large step to the right side and go into a lunging position by pushing your hips backward and going into a sitting position. Keep the left leg straight. Return to starting position and repeat the process for the left leg.


This exercise strengthens the gluteus maximus as these muscles are important in stabilizing the hip muscles. They will also provide strength and stability to your legs.

5.     Fire Hydrant Exercise

This exercise targets the lower body and other areas such as the gluteus maximus, hips, and core area. This exercise will also help you achieve the sculpted butt look and help in preventing injuries. Fire hydrant exercise also tightens the stomach muscles and makes the lower body muscle stronger.


If you want to avail of maximum benefits for this exercise, then follow the steps given below. Also, note that you do not need any special equipment for this exercise. You need a simple mat.

  • Get on all fours on the mat. Your elbows should be under your shoulders, and your knees should be placed under the buttocks muscles. They should align with each other.
  • Tighten the core and try looking down towards the mat.
  • Your knees should be at a 90 degrees angle and lift your leg away from the body at a 45 degrees angle.
  • Then return to the starting position.
  • Try to do this with alternate legs, and you should do three sets of 10 reps with each leg.


Many benefits can be found by doing this exercise. First of all, this exercise will strengthen your core muscles, and it will also stabilize them. It also sculpts the gluteus maximus and gives it tone and muscles. It will also improve your balance and stretch the hip joint and the inner thigh muscles.

Your flexibility will be enhanced, and injury prevention will also increase marginally because of it. You feel burning in your glutes and hamstring if you correctly do all the steps written above.


Some of these tips will help you correct your form to benefit from this exercise as much as you can. Keep the entire core stable, and your hips should be the only part that is in movement. Keep your knees at a 90 degrees angle. And lift your leg slowly so that no muscle is pulled incorrectly.


You must follow all these exercises according to the given technique. If you do not feel comfortable doing any of the exercises, stop the exercise and cool down. Get help from a trainer or some professional if you hadn’t done any exercise before, especially if you just had hip or knee surgery.


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